Will my product be Large standard size or Small Oversize?


I’m selling a doormat, the product is 18" x 30" x 0.5". The mat will be rolled up and shipped in a box that is 18" x 6" x 6". Product weight is 4.5 pounds.

I’m planning to send to FBA but my fear is that the product will be classified as small oversize instead of large standard size and I will incur and additional fee per the FBA fulfillment fees for size tiers.

I am doing my first FBA shipment, the item is showing as Standard Size currently. I assume Amazon will measure on their end when they receive it. Is their a chance that they will change it to Oversize?


Large standard size if you are measuring the outside of the box and not relying on the box manufacturers inner dimensions. Anything over 18" gets bumped to oversize, even by 1mm. This is where a lot of people get burned. They go to Eeewww line and buy an 18x14x8 box and BAM! Oversize, because those are the inner dimensions of the carton.
Product size tier Weight Longest side Median side Shortest side Length + girth
Large standard-size 20 lb 18 inches 14 inches 8 inches n/a

Very good chance on your first shipment they will measure it/them. Ensure the packaging is at or under 18" when it gets to the FC, or it runs a good chance of being scanned as oversize.