Widget to forums is back on homepage


Thank you everyone for your patience. The widget is back on the homepage.


Announcement - forum link moved
Please FIRE the person that changed Seller Central
Pausing Account Suspensions for Order Performance
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Thanks Susan. Now I can close a window and use the widget.


Thank you, Susan! Have a great weekend!





Thank you!!!


Susan! Thank you SO SO much! I think I love you! :slight_smile:


A great big thank you from me too, I was shocked to see the link there again, but thrilled!


Thank you!!! I was getting tired of going the long way.


Thank you Susan. Now can you please get those big, dumb, stupid boxes off of the top of the homepage that make it so we have to scroll all the way down to see the important information? Also, having the feedback widget put back would be nice. Thanks!


Thank you Susan. Do you know why buyers cannot leave a feedback on their iPhone. There is no button. There is only one to leave a product review. Very strange.


never left.Amazon has many issues and glitches recently and probably due to COVID-19 but that is no excuse considering all the fees we pay.how about free fees fir a few month Amazon to show you really care!


The big “stupid box” is Amazon News, I think this is what was supposed to replace the forum widget. Amazon news has a backdoor to the forums via a “join this discussion” link that leads to news and announcements from Amazon.

I am thankful to have the forum link back on the page. There is a huge empty space available on the top right of my Seller Central Screen that could be utilized by something other than blankness so it wouldn’t be necessary to scroll down to see the forums link. Perhaps the News could be placed on the upper right and everything on the left moved up.


It remind me of the old Microsoft days, when there’s no competition then there’s no urgency to be better.


FYI for all sellers. While on this topic, today I’ve just done below to clear the unwanted widgets and it works a charm.


All you had to do was go to “news” then click on “join discussion”. Brings you right to the forums…


Gracias, Susana.


You’re welcome for the patience


Thank you. Now let’s get the feedback widget back!


Great! Thanks Susan for all you do.