Why my buyers do not rate me?


I sent one hundred feedback requests no one gave me a rate feedback yet…

Am I doing something wrong or this is normal ?

I see many sellers with lots of ratings, I have only 4 unsolicited ratings…

This is my email requesting feedback:

Thank you for purchasing our products on xxx via Amazon. We strive to offer you the best value and service possible. Please take a moment to rate us as a seller on the Amazon.com website.

Go to Amazon.com and click Your Account in the upper right hand corner. (You will need to sign in.)
In the Orders section, under More Order Actions, click Leave Seller Feedback.
Complete the evaluation form and click Submit.

Thank you and Happy New Year !

Thank you all


Unlike e-bay, Amazon is not buyer-feedback centric. As others have said, do not request feedback as it could come back to haunt you. The best way to earn positive feedback is to deliver outstanding customer service-are you shipping fast? describing accurately; packing well? these things tend to increase buyer feedback on Amazon


Paying for positive feedback will get you banned from Amazon.


We are lucky if we get 3 feedbacks for very 100 orders. Keep in mind AMAZON does contact every buyer requested their feedback on your orders. Don’t nag your buyers as you may regret their feedback.


Be careful what you ask for.
Amazon customers as a rule do not leave feedback.
Most sellers average about a 2% feedback rate.
If you keep sending these messages you may get negative feedback as some people feel annoyed by to many requests for feedback as Amazon will already send a message asking for feedback for you and in turn you will end up with negative feedback.


My feedback response is only about 1%, it takes a lot of sales to look like an experienced seller. I have been selling on Amazon for many years and the feedback used to come more frequently, but nowadays people could not be bothered. Just keep doing what your doing, it will grow, it just takes time.


Buyers don’t leave feedback because buyers want to buy their product, have it delivered properly, and be done with it. Traditionally, one did not leave feedback in a B&M store. Now all of them seem to be asking for it as well, with offers of being able to win a gift card, or a discount next time you come in, but you cannot offer anything on amazon.

I will admit, that I don’t often leave feedback, but I have a philosophical aversion to the “grade inflation” that has happened. A “3” is no longer average. Indeed, a “5” is supposedly average, which means there is not a good way to leave really positive feedback anymore. I won’t play that game, so I leave no feedback unless it is for a book and 1) the seller screws up (I have a book that just arrived quite insufficiently packaged and while it may have been “Like New” when it left, it is now no better than “Very Good”, if that), 2) they do a really good job, or 3) they are a small seller and do an acceptable job. The last is only because I know they need the feedbacks.


You are partially correct in saying this.
A 3 actually counts against your positive feedback rating that the buyer sees but does not count against your ODR.
Therefore technically not a negative feedback but can definitely can hurt a sellers sales.


Giving a “3” is a negative feedback and counts against the seller. “3” is not average and I believe AMAZON should make this clear TO ALL BUYERS.


Its Normal…Dont Bug Buyers


you CANNOT pay for feedback.


Worrying to much about feedback…Its funny tho…Ebay folks beg and want to give feedback where Amazon buyers could care less…Just do a good job and it will take care of itself…Way too much emphasis is put on buyer feedback…


A 3 is not a negative rating. It’s neutral.



Personally? I make a lot of personal purchases on Amazon. It’s usually my first go-to when looking for just about anything. I leave feedback and ratings on most. I leave NO feedback on items or vendors that send me a request to do so.


Can I offer buyers a $1 refund for positive feedback? Is that allowed on Amazon? Since I am selling used items that are my personal things, my profit is such that I could afford to offer the refund to buyers and still be happy with what I get on most items that I sell. Please let me know if that is allowed and if anyone has opinions about this idea. Thanks!


Okay, thanks. That is what I thought, but I wanted to ask. You have been helpful!


Thanks, that is helpful!


Okay, thanks, that is helpful! I am glad that I asked first.


You cannot pay for praise. I also thought that a seller could not ask for feedback. I don’t, and wouldn’t. Leave well enough alone. If the feedback that you have received is all good, then why worry about the quantity of them… just the quality of them.


Om amazon, that means that your sales are low. We find feedback is left at a 2-3% rate, so your sales must be around 300-400. Is that correct? If the ratings are good, don’t worry about it.