Why login and logout keep showing error Amazon page not displaying?


Hi dear friends,

I have reached a problem of slow network in the last 2 weeks.
I have bookmarked the same Amazon login sellercentral page but since this 2 weeks, I cannot get that to display correctly, not even seeing the Amazon login page, just the error message.

When I was able to get to my account from the my buyer account, I tried on the same bookmark of the sellercentral and it works again, when I done with my works, I tried to clicking on the Logout option, this still the same, the logout will take long time to response and then showing error message as well, refreshing do no better improvement.

I have been using the same browser so far, is this about the ISP or the other issue, please?

Appreciate the great helps.


It might sound silly but try running your antivirus and re-start the computer to get rid of things that might get it slow, sometimes a virus get the computer slower.
Good luck.


Thanks for your kind suggestion, Moonstone_Craft.

Yes, I did periodically checked and scanned my computer to make sure virus free.
This seems to me more like the network connection since I have also heard of the similar issue from my local ISP as well.

But anyhow, appreciate your kind advise, will do as suggested as well.
Thanks again, my friend.