Why is the One Time Password text happening every time we log on?


Over the past 3 weeks or so, Amazon has required a OTP every time we try to log in to our account. We go on typically from 2 different computers and it’s happening on both computers. Is there anything we can do so that this doesn’t happen?


Amazon just released the following statement.


did you check mark the box, don’t require otp on this browser?


Yes. Every time.


Is your browser clearing cookies every time you close it?
If you clear your history you will have to re-enter the code as well.


This is exactly the problem. Either that or your browser is set not to accept cookies.


We have the same problem. All browsers require a OTP even though we keep checking don’t require it on this browser. That check doesn’t help. Must be on Amazon’s side since it is on all our devices and we never had this issue until we signed into another account. Wish we could shut it off but Amazon doesn’t allow it. This is a Big Pain in the Rear!


That is the issue. Clear your browser’s history, cache, cookies, passwords, etc. depending on your specific browser you maybe able to do this from settings. Close the browser and turn your device off and back on again.

Not nearly as big as having your account compromised. If you were smart you wouldn’t be asking this question because you would never check the don’t ask box.


Thanks for the insult. Do you say stuff like this to your customers too? In addition, it appears you might be confused too. First, Amazon requires OTP’s for all sellers account. Thus, this is not about not having them as they are needed but it is about not needed to enter it on a home device that is not shared with anyone and is behind Fort Knox. Next, you should not need to do it on your own browser that is why they allow you to check the box to remember browsers for home devices. Hacking is done from a different IP address not from your own! (yes it is possible to control a person’s browser but that is another issue) Again, compromising is from outside your IP not within your IP. As it is now we can not stay signed in our account for more than a few hours and you have to go through the process again. There are other means to stop attacks and we use them but don’t want to get signed out every few hours and have to find another device every time for an additional code. In addition, as mentioned this is with all browsers not just one including, Safari, Chrome, and IE on multiple devices making it almost impossible for it to be an issue with the cookies on one device because it affected all our devices. It would seem to be on Amazon’s side and by perhaps not allowing two accounts to both be signed in at the same time. So you can try again if you wish but try to be nice and avoid name calling. :slight_smile:


whisky, tango, foxtrot!!??

Name calling?

Just offering a suggestion and observation, this forum archives have many threads of sellers whose accounts were compromised (and how expensive and frustrating it can be). 2FA is mandatory because it is effective in protecting sellers and Amazon. It’s your account, I’m not hurt if your account becomes compromised. Do what you want.

Obviously, know it all, and didn’t want a response. So I apologize for taking the time and bothering to respond. Have a nice life.


Wow you really don’t understand how the OTP is supposed to work. Instead of insulting people if you don’t know the answer or understand the question you should leave it alone.

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