Why is ASIN search under Shipments not a thing?


I know some sellers may not feel this pain but when we have 40+ shipments ready to ship, shipped or in receiving status at any given time, having the ability to search for a specific asin WOULD be extremely helpful. I saw a forum post about this from 2021 but it did not have any replies.

Any thoughs?

Inbound Shipment Report Detail

This feature does exist, but possibly not where you expect it to be.

Go to your FBA inventory. Find the ASIN and click on the SKU. This will open a page that tells you a lot about the listing, including inbound units. From there you can go to the specific inbound shipments if you’d like.


That shows you how many are inbound but does not give you the FBA shipment ID associated with it. Unless I’m blind or overlooking it.


Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but this is very helpful.

Amazon Seller Central- go to top left and click the 3 lines

Reports-Fulfilment, under Inventory select “Received Inventory”

Make sure to change the event date as the default is last day (yesterday).

Either put in your SKU or FNSKU(ASIN) and will show all the shipments for that specific item.


You have to click on the SKU to see this data:


This is only received inventory. I want to be able to search asin’s that are inbound. For instance, say we have a sku that has been inbound for a long time. I want to quickly be able to find the shipment ID so I can track it.


Genius!!! Thank you so much. This is exactly what I am looking for.