Why I lost buy box suddenly but account is healthy?


Hi, I lost buy box suddenly just today, I really dont know why

All my indicators like (ODR, A-Z rate, etc) are healthy, there is no any warning email received.

I send a email to Amazon, they respond me with a buy box checkup tool, but it is helpless
It say something which all I have meet.

just yesterday, I have buy box, but today, it gone.

I lost a lot just for this problem.

and i want to open an online case, but it shows busy.

I really dont know why, anyone who has the same experience or knows how to solve it?


@partm, as you might be aware via the blue box notification on this page, emails from Amazon, technical notifications in Seller Central, posts here on the Forum, and the mainstream media, all of Amazon AWS and its cloud-hosted clients (including its Marketplaces) are experiencing a severe and widespread outage and recovery, now known as #Glitchgiving2020.

Your problem with the Buy Box might resolve itself as Amazon continues to recover.


I am into the same situation.


The buy box is granted to sellers by a complex formula only Amazon knows. It often rotates between sellers with similar metrics. To see how often you have it go to the Detail Sales and Traffic Report by ASIN in Business Reports.


I suddenly lost all My buy box in my inventory as well a few hours ago. It’s causing my to bleed out sales. My metrics are compliant.

Does the rotation cause sudden removal of ALL buy box? This is shocking


Same situation here . Did you recover from your side yet? Please share how??