Why does Amazon steal your money for no reason?


I have been selling on Amazon going on 2 months I have sold 230 items!! I have 1 negative cause the item was shipped to the wrong address. She was refunded fully but still left a negative. My ODR is .65 I have 4.8 stars with 95 positive feedback. My funds was cancelled at the last minute saying my account is under review. I have 100% delivered on time 100% items with packages. All of my questions are answered under 45 minutes. As big of a company Amazon is why is they holding my money? I am out of merchandise and shipping fees all with no answers and from searching the internet I have found out they are crooks and will hold your money for 90 days I have contacted the BBB and the U.S Attorney General so far any more suggestions


Search for previous threads on this topic and you will find many helpful theories and explanations.


Hey there Dave Gaston,

We only hold funds if your appeal is not accepted. If you appeal the decision using a [Plan of Action|https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help-popup.html/ref=ag_200370560_cont_cxsellnoti?ie=UTF8&itemID=200370560&language=en_US#how] you have the best chance of having your selling privileges reinstated. If you have more to add to your appeal you can email it to [seller-performance@amazon.com]


It’s a velocity review. New sellers have a limit on their sales for a period of time, and it is gradually raised. If you sell a bunch right out of the gate, Amazon will hold funds while they check and make sure you are shipping in a timely fashion and all your customers are happy They will also ask you for info about your company. You need to supply what they ask for to speed things up.

Don’t get nasty with them and threaten to sue or you’ll be out of here. Be professional. They HAVE been left holding the bag by unscrupulous sellers in the past who racked up sales and either didn’t ship because of fraud or couldn’t keep up with the volume. You signed a policy agreement allowing them to do this. Behave yourself and funds will be released to you soon.

They are not “crooks.” There are lawsuits all the time but we’ve never heard of any big wins, like the one against Paypal.

They did not “steal” your money.


Whether Amazon is right or wrong, they do not take the action you describe without a reason.

Accounts are reviewed, There are known reasons, and unknown reasons.

None of the metrics you quote reflect how you have fared against Amazon polices and procedures. Often they are the cause of the review.

Normally when Amazon advises a seller of a review they request additional information, if you haven;t provided the info they asked for, you may find that doing so will reduce the length of the process.


> Short Term
> (Apr 30, 2014 to Jun 29, 2014)

Any az claims or chargebacks from orders received in July do not show on your current metrics.

Amazon sees a different ODR.


Learn to properly ensure subject - verb agreement. It makes it much easier for folks to understand what you really mean. Also use periods, etc once and a while. I am assuming from your name that you are probably a native speaker of english.


It is common for new sellers to be placed under review if they run into problems early on, or are selling much more than expected much quicker than expected. They want to make sure you are able to handle everything, that the products are reaching people, basically that everything done already is going well.

You will likely be fine if your metrics are as you say.

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“ut ohhh” sounds like there’s more to the story here than OP is giving. by NeslonD response sounds like we are only getting half the story :slight_smile:


Post your suspension letter so some of the older sellers on here can take a look and try to figure out what is going on for you. I’ve seen many suspended sellers get help this way. Also try to control your anger because being angry is not going to help you in any way with getting your selling privileges back.


oh I see you’ve been suspended and explained it perfectly …unbelievable


Whats going on with this influx of suspension geeez


Maybe it is not what you think. Maybe you hit a velocity limit and they are reviewing to raise your limit. You just never know until they tell you if they do.


you say i am suspended because my ODR is over 1% and it is plainly .65% and no answers

Performance Checklist
Order Defect Rate Good
Learn more Cancellation Rate Good
Learn more Late Shipment Rate Good
Learn more Policy Violations Good
Learn more On-Time Delivery Good
Learn more Contact Response Time Good
Learn more
Order Defect Rate [?]

Short Term
(Apr 30, 2014 to Jun 29, 2014)
Orders: 150
Long Term
(Mar 16, 2014 to Jun 14, 2014)
Orders: 20
Order Defect Rate
0.67% (1/150)
0% (0/20)
< 1%

  • Negative Feedback Rate [?] 0.67% (1) 0% (0) –
  • Filed A-to-z Claim Rate [?] 0% (0) 0% (0) –
  • Service Chargeback Rate [?] 0% (0) 0% (0) –
    Recent Customer Metrics Data

7 days
(Jul 7, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)
Orders: 51
30 days
(Jun 14, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)
Orders: 225
90 days
(Apr 15, 2014 to Jul 14, 2014)
Orders: 239
Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate [?] 1.96% (1) 0.44% (1) 0.42% (1) < 2.5%
Late Shipment Rate [?] 0% (0) 0% (0) 0% (0) < 4%
Refund Rate [?] 1.96% (1) 6.67% (15) 7.11% (17) –
On-Time Delivery Score (seller fulfilled orders only) Learn more

7 days
(Jun 27, 2014 to Jul 4, 2014)
30 days
(Jun 4, 2014 to Jul 4, 2014)
90 days
(Apr 5, 2014 to Jul 4, 2014)
Delivered on time [?] 100% (47) 100% (80) 100% (80) > 97%
Packages with tracking info [?] 92.16% (47) 95.29% (81) 95.29% (81) > 98%


So after you transfer my funds you cancel it put my account under review, Conduct your review and after I have did everything I have supposed to you hold my funds for an additional 14 days? That makes no sense do you get paid interest on the money?


so you are telling me if you are buying and sending out all your merchandise and the day after they cancel your transfer and just say you are being reviewed you will have a level head? I am out of shipping fees and my merchandise without an answer I am not rich I depend on this and eBay


Your aggressive tone, as well as stating you already have contacted the BBB and US AG tell me that there is far more to this story than you are telling us. Any reasonable seller would not take those actions right out the gate…someone who knows they did something wrong and is attempting to cover up for it and recover their money however may jump straight to those extremes…tell us the truth and we’ll gladly give you useful advice…

Level heads & patience prevail here…might want to calm down a bit before you proceed any further with us or with Amazon.


Because I read the Seller Agreement and Help Files prior to starting to sell, yes I would, because I know that is their process. Their site, their rules. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy with it. However, conducting yourself with the utmost professionalism is Business 101 stuff, so frustration/anger aside, I would not be immediately filing complaints with BBB, US AG, or venting my frustration in a post for help on the Seller Forums.

If it is a review due to performance, which it seems it might be based on Nelson’s post and your aggressive postings, then I would know that I did something wrong to trigger it.

I understand your frustration, but I do not agree with how you are displaying it. We are fellow sellers trying to help you out, but you are being overly aggressive and, quite frankly…rude. I hope you don’t treat your customers this way…


I am very impressed that you got 95 feedback out of 239 orders! My buyers don’t bother to leave me any feedback at all.


You think you are legit.
Amazon needs to make sure you are legit.

you can contact BBB, your attorney general, or even take Amazon to court.
but they are just going to laugh at you.