Why does Amazon allow wrong information even when you show them it's incorrect


We are listing ASIN B08D1VF18M Title: LG Remote Magic Remote Control, Compatible with Many LG Models, Netflix and Prime Video Hot Keys, Google/Alexa.

The Item Model Is MR20GA. We have sold over 2000 of this item in the last 30 days and have been selling it for several months. We have received a notice of Product Condition Customer Complaints
It just asked us to check off that we had read the rules. We received no suspension or request for a POA. That said, there is a very high rate of return and virtually every issue is- will not work or register to the TV. Twice we have been proactive and tried to explain the issue to Amazon - see below:

The brand is LG, and LG did the listing. This is an open listing. The issue is part of the title is incorrect " LG Remote Magic Remote Control, Compatible with Many LG Models" I have opened 2 cases with Amazon recently sending a link to LG’s website that says it only works on 2020 model year LG TV’s and also the owners manual showing the models it works with. Both times the case was closed: with canned response.

Please be informed that the detail page associated with this ASIN is controlled by the brand owner. Any product-related information must be approved by them. We’ve sent the changes you requested to the brand owner for consideration. However, please note that they’re under no obligation to make these changes. There is no further action required on your part at this time.

Can anyone suggest what to do before I receive a suspension or POA for this item? Two months ago we made our own listing with the correct information.But have had very few sales because buyers want a product like this to be by LG not by an unknown brand.

Why does Amazon allow wrong information even when you show them it’s incorrect. Do they prefer many unhappy buyers and suspending good sellers? If the original listing is controlled by another party and the other party ignores the request shouldn’t they step in?

Also, can the Account Health team please respond?
Thank you


AHS can not respond on the forums. A Moderator may draw attention to an issue if they wish to.

Do you have an open case number to post for the moderator to forward?


No I’m trying to be proactive and avoid since they have closed two cases on this . But still need suggestions for help


Since LG controls the listing, Amazon can do nothing.

You need to contact your account rep at LG


One the first things I did and and no one even knew they had a Amazon page. They have over 75,000 employees.

The real question here is why does Amazon not get involved once they are sent the information stated on LG’s website that this is only for 2020 model year TV’s? Wouldn’t that be best for all involved? Again we sold over 2000 of these remote controls in 30 days. Forget about us sellers do they want all those unhappy buyers?


:man_facepalming: (not directed at you!)

Because the brand owner knows better then Amazon or 3rd party sellers, at least that’s the theory.

Your in no way wrong, but please protect yourself and zero out of that listing until it is fixed.


Hello @New_Remotes_Inc,

Desi from Amazon here to assist.

If I understand correctly, you have received a high number of returns for ASIN: B08D1VF18M due to incorrect information in the title.

This would mean that you have received a warning only. In these cases a plan of action is not required.

If there is no possibility of changing the title then it would be best to sell under the listing you created instead, or as @ThisIsTheWay indicated, find a brand representative that you can discuss the issue with. Are you authorized to sell LG products? If so you should have a direct contact to start with.

Are the remotes you are selling not LG as well? Even if you made your own listing for an LG product, the brand attribute should still say LG so I am not sure I understand this.

The main take away here however, is that you need to make sure that anytime you add an offer to a detail page, all information is an exact match to the item you have in hand. I get that that sales volume is going to differ with newer listings as opposed older listings with established history and thousands of ratings but the goal should always be to maintain a healthy account.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are looking forward to assisting you.




Because Amazon only “fixes” things that are not broken…


We purchase from an Authorized LG distributor. Since LG has over 75,000 employees the LG distributor does not know who to contact at LG about an Amazon listing. We have also gotten no response from LG either.

Here is the link to the LG website https://www.lg.com/uk/tv-accessories/lg-mr20ga#none
showing the MR20GA remote control only works with model year 2020: see below

Compatible 2020 LG Smart TV’s

Yet the Amazon Title shows

LG Remote Magic Remote Control, Compatible with Many LG Models, Netflix and Prime Video Hot Keys, Google/Alexa

(Compatible with Many LG Models ) in this title is incorrect

a simple change to:
Compatible with 2020 LG Models would fix the issue

  • since LG has not responded to Amazon either in correcting this why is the LG website not a trusted source?