Why do Canadians have trouble buying on Amazon.com?


Did you upload your Signature to enable FBA International for your items?


No, not by default unless you uploaded your Signature image.


Good to know.

I even thought they could use Prime.

That explains why they keep buying from my self-fulfilled inventory so readily.

Of course this is also what Canadian sellers can and do exploit. I was wondering why they have such insanely high prices even on common books when it would be cheaper and only slightly slower to get them from here. But many Canadian customers are loyal and would rather buy from CA than sign into COM.

The British are more savvy about prices and do not mind waiting a little if they find that COM is cheaper even with International shipping added.


Most interesting.

What if they buy it from 3P Merchant who self fulfill? Could they then list it for sale on the CA site?
Probably not.

If you want to be very kind to this buyer, you could pull the item and ship it directly via self - fulfilled listing. Or they could ask a friend in USA to purchase.

Thanks for this thread!


Here is the response from seller support:

"I understand your concern that your buyer is unable to purchase a book from Canada on Amazon.com.

I researched your account and found that ASIN B005XJ6W14 is a book. With FBA Export, you have the ability to export most products to all countries, except for books to Canada. Some restrictions may apply.

Canada’s Heritage Act places restrictions on shipping media into Canada. By working with Canadian authorities we have enabled the export of music, videos and DVDs to Canada. Lifting of any further restrictions will be announced in the monthly FBA Newsletter e-mail.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this product to your buyer in Canada. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this."


Hi Sunnyside,

The answer you received from Seller Support is correct. This is a restriction put in place by the Canadian government. We understand how it might be frustrating and, if the restriction is ever lifted, we’ll be sure to communicate that to our FBA sellers.



Yes there are a few merchants on Amazon.com who specialize in “refurbishing” and reselling media items for sale on Amazon.ca or other Canadian locations. Most sellers here probably know who they are :slight_smile: They are frequent buyers of items in like new condition.

Anyway, perhaps Amazon can use this case to make a point when negotiating this absurd situation with the Canadian government. The book in question was produced in Canada, is written by a former Canada supreme court justice who happened to be a translation expert, and the book is French-English, and deals with a lot of Canadian translation issues. And it’s not available in Canada anymore. And Canadians can’t buy it on Amazon.com
This particular customer is now going to ask her cousin in Kentucky to buy it for her and ship it.



I pretty regularly get book orders from the same buyer in a small town in New York which I’d never heard of before. When we were taking a road trip up to Quebec last year we passed an exit for that town about 5 miles from the Canadian border.

That’s when it clicked - I suspect someone has a business model of ordering books for Canadians and driving them over the border to mail within Canada. Between dodging the flat rate international postage which is scaled to cover books going overseas and obviating customs delays I’m sure this is a great savings of money and time for everyone.

Apparently what people here are describing is a big enough issue that someone’s making a living off of it.


Why only for FBA listings and not self- fulfilled listings if there are such restrictions?

The inventory belongs to the Merchant but FBA Amazon does not want to be responsible for sending it.

Interestng loophole indeed and opportunity for this new prohibition.


Because (seriously) Canada does not allow the import of books from the USA into Canada, so they aren’t allowed to buy them. It is a Canada thing, not an Amazon thing. It is the Canada’s Heritage Act.

Amazon enforces it via FBA. Amazon doesn’t enforce it among 3P sellers for reasons unknown. They should, actually.


So are we enablers or criminals if we ship such forbidden merchandise across the US/Canada borders / Customs???

I am pretty serious this time. Well, as serious as I can ever get.
I do not want to Disable International on many of my Self-Fulfilled books as Australia and Japan are frequent buyers.

If a purchase comes through from Canada via our Amazon SI ProM accounts, we are not supposed to cancel. We cannot put CA on our “No Buyers Please” list.

Yet we are sending something what we are not supposed to send???

Surely we could not just blame the Intended Recipient!!!


It appears the only prohibition regarding books is “Reprints of Canadian or British works copyrighted in Canada”, according to the DMM - link here:


So as long as you are not shipping a Canadian Copyright ‘reprint’ book, you should be legal…

Jus’ don’t enable your ‘Canadian Copyright reprint books’ for International shipping… ]:slight_smile:

There’s also this in the DMM - which may apply to magazines(?):

(Prohibited) “An issue of a publication that contains an advertisement primarily directed to a Canadian market is a prohibited import if that advertisement does not appear in identical form in all editions of the issue distributed in the country of origin.”


Thank you! That is good to know. This FBA - Canada prohibition issue bothered me a little bit.

If I want to take up the new profession of smuggling in a next life, I probably would want to smuggle something more exciting than boring books!

Now I will look up what happened to that Chinese person who got caught a few years ago with great fanfare - not for smuggling books of course. Everything Else. Your fave category. Into the USA not out.


The dmm regulation is not the same thing as the Canada Heritage Act. DMM applies to USA. Canada Heritage Act is Canadian. Two different countries.

Google amazon Canadian heritage act.


I did google it and the first page was full of their bureaucratic establishments. They must have lifted that structure from France who invented it.

So perhaps somebody could summarize why we have to send a book to Canada if Amazon would not send that same book out from our FBA stash even if we enabled International with our signature photo file.


+Google amazon Canadian heritage act.+

Yes, I did - found gobbledygook like ASB

Why don’t YOU explain it to us (I linked and explained the DMM) since you keep saying this is the reason.

I want to be legal - that’s why I adhere to the DMM

If there are further restrictions/prohibitions other than what is in the DMM, I would like to know what.

HOW (and what part of the Act) does the Canadian Heritage Act apply to US shippers shipping books to Canada?


I saw some quarrel between Amazon and Canada mentioned but I have yet to get to the end what that is all about and how it applies to our books as long as we keep those books at home and not in the Amazon FBA warehouse.

The CBA link appears to mention some problems with Amazon trying to establosh fulfillment centers in Canada in 2010.
That might be a related issue but does not directly apply to us.


+Yes, I did - found gobbledygook like ASB+

(oops, bad sentence structure - ASB is not Gobbledygook - the ‘Act’ is… :wink: )

Yep, I found the ‘warehouse feud’ issue - looks like Amazon won - Looks like it was opposed (by Canadian booksellers rallying around the ‘Act’) for the same reason(s) that Walmart doesn’t like Amazon…


I did not catch that one! I read it before my morning coffee. I forgive either way as it is a word I do not often see or use.
I could not have come up with it myself.
This will be my project.

I want an excuse to put a Canadian academic textbook buyer on my discouraged to buy from me list although his last email was apologetic and nice.
If that fails, I may need to send all my slow sellers to FBA also. It would make sense for storage reasons anyway.

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