Why did this happen?



I just created my amazon seller account since my e-commerce store was not working too well. The moment I created my account I got a notification saying my account was suspended.

Check image attached.

What do I do?


The notice reads as “review” not suspended. Relax they are looking over everything.

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Books and Crann… was responding same time I was.


You wait. That’s not a suspension. They are “vetting” you.


Unless the info you submitted raised some sort of red flag with the Amazon bots, you just have to let it play out.

Think of it like TSA at the airport just randomly pulled you aside. Your being “wanded” right now.


It is normal for offshore sellers.

Amazon is completing the checks required by anti-money laundering laws. You may be asked for additional information.


Is this normal though? Did it happen to you?


Why don’t you tell us more about the kind of information you gave Amazon when you created your seller account?


Whatever you do don’t try to open a 2nd account.


Hi, I tried to register the second account and it was suspended too. I emailed to seller support to ask them close the second. But it seems they keep both accounts. I don’t know what to do now. Any suggestions. Thanks


Opening 2 accounts usually means you are gone good, and will never sell on

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