Why can't FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment ship books to Canada?


I got an order on my website, yay!
It’s for a book I have at FBA, so I go to enter a multi-channel fulfillment order.
The buyer is in Canada. I’ve been setup for FBA Export for a long time.

The fulfillment order results in an error message, so I look at the seller help pages about FBA Export.


“What kinds of products can I export?
With FBA Export, you have the ability to export most media products to all countries except Canada.”

“Can I export my products to Canada?
Canada is an eligible destination for export of products in the Music, Video and DVD categories.”

So, why can’t FBA ship books to Canada?

I’m having it two-day shipped to me, and I’ll ship it myself to Canada.
But, this is a serious flaw in FBA multi-channel fulfillment.

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I read somewhere that they will start doing this soon.
Of course you need to have International on your fba
account in the first place.
Very good question and suggestion.
Until then you have to ask your neighbor
to dropship it to your buyer from your own fba inventory.


It has nothing to do with Amazon–and they won’t be adding the ability any time soon either. It’s Canadian law the Canadian Heritage Act. There is nothing Amazon can do about it. They aren’t allowed to ship books to Canada, either theirs or any FBA seller.


Thanks very much Marilyn.

I googled the name of the act plus amazon and fulfillment and discovered a whole thread of news of which I was blissfully unaware.

Like so many government initiatives, it seems well intentioned (at least to some folks, I’m sure) but like trying to swat a fly with a horseshoe. Canadians can order books from me and I can ship them to them, but I can’t pay Amazon to ship it to them. This way, Canadian culture won’t be inundated by a flood of American books … unless they’re ordered from individual sellers.


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