Why can't CBD products be sold on Amazon?


Why can’t CBD be sold when they are Hemp extracts NO THC, when other products Hemp extract can be sold as long as they do not have the name CBD ?


because Amazon said so.


Cbd is basically unregulated. Why would amazon take on the risk of allowing people to sell something that could have anything in it? There are a ton of manufacturers claiming to be selling pure cbd products that get tested later and are found to contain thc and a lot less cbd than advertised. Maybe after medical marijuana is federally legal, cbd can be properly regulated and sold as a supplement but not yet.


Search the forums… 1000+ other threads on this.

Answer = Amazon Rules.

Amazon could turn around tomorrow and Ban Blue Crayons. Why? Cause they said so.


OK guess I’ll wait. But since they told me it was because it was a Hemp Extract …
When there are many Hemp extract products out there. Guess it depends what you call it.
CBD vs Hemp … thanks for the input.


You are absolutely correct!

And then again it is THEIR platform. LOL


If you label it correctly as Hemp extract and not CBD you might be able to sell. FDA “believes” all CBD comes cannabis.

I’m sure Amazon is taking the same stance as they do not want to get in trouble with the government. If you label it as hemp extract its a gray area that FDA does not regulate.

Depending on the product I would find some competitors that are doing the same thing as you and match their bottles or hire a lawyer/consultant that specializes in that field($$). You should be able to find an FDA consultant pretty easy just not cheap.

One more work around is to name your product so that the initials spell out CBD. Cheap Budget Disposable or something. You get the idea i’m terrible that stuff. But have the CBD part on the label in bold letters.


Yeah don’t do this. I know some people do it and get away with it for a while, but don’t. I know cbd itself is generally safe to use, I use it. But unless you are willing to pay an independent lab to test what you plan to sell, you don’t know what you are putting into other people’s bodies. I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s a no no on amazon. Don’t risk it. Not trying to bring politics into it but the reality is it’s not going to happen in a red administration. If you want to sell the stuff get out and vote blue next year. Democrats finally caught on that there’s piles of cash to be made if it’s legal and regulated. Which means better regulations on things like cbd that will allow it to be sold more widely. Just don’t try to get around it. You will eventually get caught and probably banned. They can see the forum.


All the pot sales can be shut down. Its all still prohibited by federal law.


I know, you kinda just picked out a tidbit there and ignored the deal about needing to get it fully legal to get it regulated to really open up the market.


getting out and “voting blue next year” is probably not going to be the answer… lol


More than likely all the “HEMP” oil sold on here is legal because more than likely it is just vegetable oil with a couple of oregano leaves in it.

Has any one actually sent any of the “HEMP” oil out to a lab, pretty much doubt it.

You need to read the WSJ piece, front page of the EXCHANGE section B1, date August 24-25 2019.

It reaffirms what I stated many times and then was viciously attacked on this forum by those selling supplements. They did not like being unwrapped, WSJ did a massive buy and test…no need to say more.


Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Not fully legalizing it means no real regulations, which means most of what’s out there probably isn’t what it says it is. I wouldn’t buy 99% of whats out there calling itself cbd.


Just did a lay search query using “cbd oil” and 6,000 items surfaced. If amazon really did not want sell CBD they could do like etsy and just block search queries. If the stuff is NOT CBD why does it surface?


CBD cannot be sold on Amazon because not all 50 states have recognized it as legal. Hemp has all 50 states and is therefore ok by Amazon. Amazon does not allow us to only sell products to certain states. If they did that, there would only be about 50 items available to California in the entire Amazon catalog.


Why is it being marketed as CBD on this site. If its banned why does a search query surface 6,000 listings.

Just did Hemp oil and 9,000 surfaced.


The listings do not say CBD. They have CBD as a hidden keyword search term. Amazon considers this “legal”. Also, many of them use CBD as a pay per click keyword. This is a MAJOR moneymaker for Amazon so it will never go away.


The correct answer.


They allow CBD as a hidden keyword search term because it drives up the cost per click for those that pay.


That is something the FTC should look into, that is very deceptive. I enter CBD oil and then buy assuming that is the item I wanted but its not.