Why are price gougers still havent stopped?


Do a quick search for N95 or Hand Sanitizer, listings are still up and prices are higher before Amazon set their foot down.

There is literally a warning on the front page of seller central about price gouging yet people are still doing it surprises me. I have a strong feeling all these people still doing it are def going to get the ban hammer!

Edit: Not to mention, if they ship to a state where a state of emergency has been declared they are now breaking price gouging laws and the states Attorney General can now go after them.

Price gouging laws take in effect after state of emergency is declared for every state


I heard Anthony Fauci say today that the only people who should be wearing masks are those who are infected with the virus. That will enable healthy people to identify who is ill. The masks do NOTHING to prevent infection.

Amazon might want to think about demanding that medical facemask vendors be required to receive a prescription from a doctor before shipping a facemask.


That’s off topix


better for seller to suspend it to avoid suspension. i understand the increment in are not some amazon sellers fault. the increment come from sources some get it from since most company producing it in china are not working + increment in demand, the shortage is through out the world. Law of demand and supply


LOL how would that work? Do you realize how much additional work would be required to do that? They can’t even train their own customer service personnel and you’re demanding that kind of a work load from Amazon.