Why are MultiChannel fulfillment orders so slow to ship?


Occasionally I will have a seller fulfilled order and actually end up fulfilling the order from my FBA inventory. Why doesn’t Amazon meet their own requirements with “ship by” date? Unless I choose 2nd day or faster as the shipping speed it seems it takes days to actually ship.


This is because MCF orders are a low priority.

Amazon FBA
MCF One Day
MCF Two Day
MCF Standard
Removal orders

Depending on how busy the fulfillment centers are, you could wait several days for them to get to the MCF Standard orders.


But isn’t it ironic that MCF orders don’t meet the standard Amazon sets for seller fulfilled orders?


I would suggest opening a case wanting your fee back. Maybe if enough people did it, they would realise they need to live up to their promises.

Sorry, but no I’ve never opened a case about it. But might do that right now.


That’s a good idea. This order is still stuck in “shipping” status and I’m seriously considering canceling it and drop shipping it to make sure it goes out today.


It’s been a long time since I have shipped MCF. They were always slow, but do they promise items will be shipped within x days? I’ve forgotten.


There’s a “expected ship date” but that was 2 days ago.


The help pages show:

Standard 3-5 days
Expedited 2 days
Priority Next day

When you place the order, it shows you the expected delivery date for all 3 options.

For us about 95% of our orders are shipped in these time frames. We have had a few that took a few days longer.


Amazon has different service requirements for orders they ship than sellers have for self-fulfilled. It is normal that there is time before the shipment goes out - worse if Amazon does not have stock at the closest warehouse. Expect 1-2 days before the item ships and then add that to the expected ship time for each shipping class and set that as your expectation for delivery. I have never had a customer complain as long as it is clear. Just forget about next day delivery as that will almost never happen. Also be aware of the restrictions when shipping to PO boxes, rural addresses, and remote locations as those can only use Standard shipping.



the MCF order finally shipped today- the 4th day. I guess I will just know for the future that with standard shipping chosen Amazon MCF shipping cannot meet their own seller-fulfilled shipment timeframe requirements.


As I posted above, the help files indicate that standard shipping will take 3-5 days to ship. We knew this before we started using FBA and set our shipping times on other platforms accordingly.


Yeah, good to know. Didn’t know there were published shipping times. I usually end up using 2nd day because the price difference is typically very small over standard. This time it was a small item and standard was a lot less than 2nd day.


We’ve noticed that items often won’t ship until necessary to meet the estimated delivery date. So if the warehouse is close to the destination, the customer doesn’t get it faster - they wait longer to ship it.

We’ve also been noticing that MCF orders are shipping with a USPS tracking number, but the item is not received by USPS until it reaches the local USPS facility that will deliver the package. The shipping from the Amazon warehouse to the local USPS is being handled by Amazon or an unidentified Amazon shipping partner. Amazon is identified as the USPS shipping partner under the tracking history.

Customers are having fits because their tracking will say “on it’s way to a USPS facility” for days until it reaches the last leg. Sometimes it doesn’t update until they are about to deliver. Is anyone else experiencing this?


I select a minimum of 2-day for MCF orders. The standard shipping rarely ever show up…

You will not see USPS updates like you do as if you shipped something USPS. Amazon ships large containers of packages to sort centers and are handled differently… It will pop up in the tracking when it reaches the postal distribution point nearest to the city of the destination.


We also find it objectionable that we are not able mention anything about our website to our FBA Amazon customers (they are not our customers), yet Amazon will no longer provide plain boxes for MCF shipments to our customers, and now Amazon is popping up in tracking as the shipping partner, delaying USPS tracking for days. Customers are not liking that and neither are we. We are looking to move our website fulfillment out of FBA. They also refuse to stop the practice of putting our items in bubble mailers which is a problem, especially for customers who are not buying through Amazon and expect more.