Why am I not getting paid


I haven’t been paid since Feb 2021. I’m showing an owed balance but they are saying “unavailable balance”. Is anyone else having this problem if so how do I get in touch with AMAZON? Account information and credit cards are up to date. USA based seller.

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Is the balance on Seller Central homepage red, or green?

Do you have a reserve in place? Is your account healthy and active? Do you have any violations, etc?


Green. I don’t understand “reserve” because of the credit card information. Zero violations, no claims, 100% tracking numbers. Nothing negative on our account.


Green is good (sorry had to ask, :roll_eyes:).

Mouse over Reports and click Payments. On the Statement Views tab Do you have any open invoices?

Scroll down do you have an Account Level reserve?


Have you looked at when the customers received the shipment and factored in Amazon’s holdback date? Amazon holds your funds for 7 days AFTER the customer actually receives it in case there is a dispute.

Also, have you visited this page and checked to see if your answer is here?



You have a reserve


If you are a new seller, this will happen from time to time. It will decrease the longer you sell, as amazon trusts you more.