Where to sell 1500 boxes of disposable masks?


The economics of making money selling disposable masks on Amazon don’t really make sense for me and I’d like to get these masks out of my warehouse. I don’t mind selling at cost or taking a loss, I just want them out.

Where would you guys go to sell these in bulk?


Donate them.

I know people with full shipping containers they CAN’T give away.

Bad investment.


The asian grocery near me is selling whole boxes of 50 for like $2 or 3 each. Maybe put them in storage for the next pandemic?


You and thousands of other people that thought this was a good idea to buy container loads of these without thinking.





  1. pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.


Lol, well to be fair, this is about as misfortunate for me as slowly driving over a speed bump. If I don’t sell a single one I’m still doing ok. Sure would suck if I staked my whole future on this though.


If we could only go back in time…

We have some complimentary 6 foot Distancing signs on the shelf to go with them. :cold_sweat:
Like you, calculate risk, great reward while it lasted.


I donate medical supplies to a 3rd-world country in Asia-Pacific to help with the cause. How much are you selling them? I bought a lot of masks last year on Amazonm at a cost of $2.30 for 50 masks/box.


Seeing as your current listings show you are listing a 50 pack for $11.99, Your going to have to drop that price, a LOT. Maybe they will sell at $1.99/box, MAYBE, but considering everyone in the USA sells masks, and mask mandates are all being dropped very soon, you may not be able to sell them at all. Donate them or, honestly, burn them.