Where to buy 6 small mailable boxes


Where to buy 6 small mailable boxes approximately 3" x 8"x 5". I looked under Uline and a few other places and I don’t need the quantity to get even a minimum order. Your help is appreciated !


It depends on where you are located, but your city may have a box store that sells moving boxes or packaging of some sort, and you can buy individual units there. Another option is checking a place like Ebay and hope to find someone selling off extras of that size. One more option is to either make your own box, or cut down a slightly larger and more readily available box to the size you need.
Good luck!


Might try a UPS store, depending on their inventory.


The Post office usually has a display case with boxes-mailers-bubble wrap…Not the free Priority mail boxes but stuff you pay for…Generic boxes, etc…


GO TO a dollar store…Dollar tree…etc…THye have many small boxes perfect for shipping small items…THey will give these to you…You can cover up the outside of the boxes with cheap labels…etc…Use your imigination a little…


And then your package looks amateur and invites criticism.




Possibly The Container Store. Expensive, but big selection, and no minimums.


The other online selling site sells those in 5 packs,


Try Dollar Tree, Office Max, Post Office or any gift shop or office supply place


As long as it works and puts money in the bank…don’t worry about the “criticism”


Sending items in cereal boxes will lead to negs and a-z claims so it might take $ out of your pocket.


Right here on Amazon. Some of the best buys on shipping supplies are right here. Free shipping! 2-day delivery! Doesn’t get any better. You can get 25 3x5x8 boxes for $13.

You can buy small boxes at UPS or Fedex, but they ain’t cheap.




Look at Amazon warehouse deals…