Where can I find the postage purchased from Amazon for a particular order?


I have looked everywhere and cant seem to find this information.

Purchased postage is available on the ListFinancilaEvent but the fee does not have any details such as the order number it the fee was for.



It is listed in every sold transaction. :train2:


Thank you SELLC

but not sure what MWS API call or MWS report you are referring to?


Finances API - http://docs.developer.amazonservices.com/en_US/finances/Finances_Overview.html


Thank you Oneida_Books

I have called this service, the problem is that the response has all the finance details for each ShipmentEvent except the postage paid.

the postage paid is listed separately in AdjustmentEventList and there is no reference to the order it was posted for. The only way it seems to be able to get it by order is to call the service individually for each order. Which is not ideal. Am I missing something?