When You Make A Pricing Error


You might need sample language to explain your mistake to buyers. Here is what Amazon just emailed me about an order I placed two months ago:

We’re contacting you about order #114-0405100-298xxxx. We recently discovered an error that caused the following item(s) to be displayed at an incorrect price:

[Description of Item]

In this case, we’re unable to offer this item for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we’ve cancelled your order for this item, and you haven’t been charged.

At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be mispriced. We’re very sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service


I find this ironic.

While Amazon can cancel a order due to a pricing error, they suggest marketplace sellers honor the incorrect price made while listing.


Something “fishy” about this. Amazon doesn’t cancel customer orders.

Are you certain it wasn’t from a seller?



Before nominating Bezos for sainthood, go to the Dansdeals website and do a search for pocket folders. See the two posts from December 18 and 20, and the comments to them. Amazon canceled more orders than they filled; people who complained were rewarded with an extra month of Prime and a small amount of compensation.


That is a message received, when Amazon, is the seller - it does not apply to 3P Sellers.

Although the formatting is all screwed up, because of the new forum, Amazon, twice cancelled an order, for the same product, they were offering at a much lower price:




Amazon canceled on me Nov 24 2017, they even removed the price, no link to the orginal order just the order number and item description. Playing their lowball price BS caught up to them and I most certainly placed a good size order as a result.

I HAVE NEVER CANCELLED AN ORDER (for price or stock issues in the last 20+ years) HERE OR ANY OTHER SITE. If we mess up so be it and ship it.


Yep, thats the one. That was way too good of a deal, your post is what turned me on to that and I placed a big order at the price.


So they canceled you, too? Well, at least I don’t feel alone, now.


You and I are known for fact cancellations, how many others did they cancel?


or even have their sales severely throttled, lost buy box, and what ever else can be tossed out for “BAD Metrics”.


I never received an explanation, other than Customer Service claiming, Amazon does not sell the item, even though they were obviously on the listing. Never received any notification. Both orders eventually wound up in Canceled Orders, after 30 days - exactly as anticipated.

Found a screenshot of the original listing:


That’s interesting since a store must honor the price advertised. It was their mistake they should honor the price. I would be on the phone complaining if I were you!


Bezos for sainthood?

Never gonna happen. There’s a special place already set aside for him, where he’ll be with all the other “ruthless scammers” that ever walked on “Planet Earth.”

So, this is just another “despicable” act I can add to the long list of “rotten things” he’s done to those of us that made him rich. Does his greed know no bounds?

Never mind. I already know the answer.

I, too, have never backed out of a deal in 20 years of selling online.



That is not true. That law allows for honest mistakes – such as a newspaper making a mistake in a grocery store’s weekly ads.


You are missing something, do you realize he only has around a 11% stake in the company.

How rich are the others that are splitting the 89% balance, they are laying low and much is spread out. Worlds richest with only 11% (that might not be currently correct)


That may be so, but I didn’t say how rich he is.

I said his greed knows no bounds. I’m always stumbling on more ways he’s scamming us.



That’s the dot com culture.


I had a sold by Amazon order cancelled as well but due to not in stock. No metric hit to them you can bet. No one on earth is perfect but us Amazon 3p sellers

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