When will Amazon release the funds after stop selling?


Hi guys. I just downgraded my account to individual and removed all my inventory. Just have a question if anyone knows when will Amazon release all the funds after you stop selling on Amazon? I just downgraded and stopped selling for a week, got my last payment on Monday. And now my balance is negative already. Don’t know if Amazon still hold any funds left, or they have released all the funds.

Thank you!


You need to pay of any balance you have with Amazon.

Are you showing a reserve in payments/reports?


In the payment report, Account Level Reserve shows $0. It means Amazon has released all my funds?


If your showing a negative balance, meaning you owe Amazon $, then it sounds like all your funds are released to you.


Thank you! I was confused. I just started selling on Amazon for little over a year as part time, and sold over $34k. Amazon has paid me around $24k so far. I thought that Amazon still hold $10k. So that $10k is all Amazon fee?


sounds like it.


I am slightly concerned you are asking this question.

Your fees are spelled out in the payments tab, you should have been keeping track of this all along.