When will Amazon allow sending in more inventory with covid 19 receiving restrictions


When will Amazon allow Sellers to send in more inventory with Covid 19 restrictions?


The original target date announced in the 17Mar2020 News Headline Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers (link) was April 5th; it remains to be seen whether the hiatus will end then, or be extended.

However, Amazon has already begun relaxing restrictions on some goods, on a limited case-by-case basis, that are not classified in one of the original 6 ‘essential’ categories; you can learn more about this, and find out how to determine whether Amazon will allow the creation of FBA Inbound Shipments for affected items, from the US Announcements Forums’ thread COVID-19: Update on prioritized shipment creation, new tool to check eligibility.

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Seeing how delayed they are on orders I have a hard time believing they won’t be extending this date.


I can’t believe it will be April 5. Can you imagine how completely overwhelmed they would be if they simply opened everything up on April 5? The deluge would be a spectacular disaster. Incoming inventory would wait weeks to be processed into inventory.

I suspect that inbound shipments will be permitted only for a subset of products, so that they can ease their way back.

If Amazon were wise, they would use a $$$/unit threshold for incoming inventory. A $300 item the size of a shoebox is far more profitable to them than a similarly sized item that sells for $20. An item of great value takes just as long to process as a low value item of the same size/weight.

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