When I use mws to set the order shipping information, return the prompt ‘7124385838040に一致する注文は出荷できません’. What does this mean?


<Result> <MessageID>2</MessageID> <ResultCode>Error</ResultCode> <ResultMessageCode>18028</ResultMessageCode> <ResultDescription>7124385838040に一致する注文は出荷できません。</ResultDescription> <AdditionalInfo> <AmazonOrderID>503-3391551-1373410</AmazonOrderID> </AdditionalInfo> </Result>


When I used google translate this is the translated text:

Orders matching with cannot be shipped

My only guess based on the information you provided you may have the wrong marketplace id.


thanks,I guarantee that the MarketplaceId is correct.So I don’t know why.


Which marketplace id are you using?



thanks,The problem is solved,It is COD order , the feed data Not added CODCollectionMethod node