When did Prime 2 day shipping begin promising to arrive in 7 days?


Most of my orders as a customer lately say they are in stock and give me the option to use my Prime 2 day shipping but the date the package is promised by is often 7 days out. How is that 2 day shipping? What am I paying for Prime for if a merchant fulfilled item will likely arrive faster? I would not get away with this when I offer Seller Fulfilled Prime.


see here for detailed discussion ad nauseum


It’s 2-day SHIPPING, not 2nd day delivery. It will be shipped in two days. And that shipping range is only for business days. So if you order late in the afternoon on a Saturday on a long weekend the item will not be shipped until Tuesday… Then it takes a couple of days to be delivered. Or if you order late Saturday on a normal weekend and the item is on the other side of the country it will take five or six days.

They usually do better, but their acceptable limit is two days to ship.


Do you understand how Prime shipping works?


I do - apparently you don’t (but then most people don’t). As I said, they usually do better, particularly for items Amazon sells that are distributed across many warehouses; but as long as they ship any item in two days they meet their written requirements.


I am always amazed amused when I see this comment/mindset.

Seller-fulfilled prime isn’t even close to the same standard as Amazon-fulfilled prime.

SFP is very rarely actually a 2-day delivery. The sellers that only offer sfp on wed-Fri are working on a “blistering” 4-5 day turn-around.


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The truth is that Prime delivery is whatever it says on any particular catalog page.

Generally, that is delivery within two days (excluding Sundays) if you order early enough in the day. (But I do sometimes see “Free delivery in 3-5 days” messages.)

I just opened 10 listings at random offering Prime shipping by Amazon. All of them advertised “FREE delivery by Saturday” if I ordered in the next few hours.

Sorry, @RedWing, but I think you are wrong on this one.

Maybe you could point out the “written requirements”?


It also says this on the Prime Delivery information page (bold added):

FREE Two-Day Shipping
Over 100 million items that arrive two business days after they ship

Unlimited shipping, no minimum order threshold
Available in areas across the US
Learn more

I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of exceptions, but generally the expectation of Prime has been that you get the item within 2 days.


It’s possible my interpretation is wrong, but as you said, there are plenty of Prime shipments that are delivered in 3-5 days. It happens to my orders all the time. That alone seems to say that it is 2-day shipping, and not 2-day delivery. If you call up and want some sort of credit on that 5-day Prime delivery Amazon will say, “no, because we shipped it in two days, which is what we promised”.

Most of the time Amazon does better than what they promise and gets items to a customer within two days, but as someone else said that just makes buyers think 2-day shipping means 2-day delivery (when it really doesn’t).

The written requirements are just what amazon “writes” as shipment and delivery time on any individual order.


I see that a lot from the item page, but when you actually add the item to your cart and get to actual check out - that time frame changes many times - to be a lot longer than originally stated on the item page.


Where is that promise?

I don’t believe there is any general written promise or guarantee about Prime shipping except what is written on the item page. In other words, show me where it says “Prime shipping = we guarantee to ship within 2 business days.”

Over the past couple of years, more and more items say “Free delivery in 3-5 days” or even “Free delivery in 7-10 days”. There are also pages where a Prime offer may say “Usually ships in 3-5 business days”; and when it ships it often arrives within 2 days.

Buyers got used to Prime delivery in 2 days because for years that is what it meant for 99% of Prime items 90% of the time for many, many years. Now that Amazon is backing off a bit, buyers have to learn that Prime does not automatically = 2-day delivery and they have to pay attention to what is on the catalog page. (Yep; buyers are going to have to read.)


I haven’t run into that. Maybe you aren’t signed in when you add it to cart? If you see it again, post the ASIN and maybe a couple of others can try it.


Its simply there in the name: 2-day shipping. If Amazon had meant 2-day delivery they would have said that.


It said exactly that in the quote I posted from the Prime Delivery page:

I have zero doubt that when Amazon says “Free 2-day shipping” they mean that you are supposed to get it within 2 business days after it ships.


No really true and I have confirmed this through multiple contacts with Amazon when they failed to ship a few thousand dollars in Hurricane supplies. From the Prime page

“If the item you’re ordering is out of stock or unavailable to ship immediately, the shipping method time starts when the item ships. For example, it will take two business days after an item ships to reach you with Two-Day Shipping.”

The Amazon manager agreed that if the item is in stock that means they will deliver within two days. Every time they have failed to do this they extended my Prime membership 1 month with a simple phone call.


OK, it looks like I’m out-voted. I admit defeat - Prime 2-day shipping actually means 2-day delivery… except when it means 3-5 day delivery. :rainbow:


I was given a $5 refund when I asked customer service why I purchased an item with Prime that was stated to be in stock and the promised delivery date I was forced to agree to was 7 days later. "Forced, because I wanted the item and they were the only seller. Had there been a 3p MF seller, I would have used them and probably gotten the item sooner.

I would never have paid for a Prime membership if all it meant was that once it eventually shipped, it would arrive 2 business days after that. No, it clearly explained that delivery would be 2 days later. Not shipment, delivery. I get the difference and paid membership for that difference.


I’ve seen even Prime offers at 5 days shipping. This sometimes means that the item is hazardous, or really heavy. It’s hard to arrange for 1-2 day shipping if you are shipping something like a grand piano.


The things I’ve been buying that I am getting promises of delivery 7 days out are stated to be in stock and would go in a standard bubble envelope by First class mail. And if there were 3p MF sellers, I would most likely get the item quicker through them even if they were at the opposite coast.