Whats with the hidden profile?


Yes you are too empathetic, as well as greatly appreciated!


You use your own judgement but so many newbie posters that are desperate for a quick fix to their suspension may take any advice that is thrown their way. They don’t have any judgement to go on yet. Especially if the person answering their question appears to know what they are talking, or gives a lot of answers without adding any substance to the post. If you can look at their history and see that they have been here for a few years they are probably talking from a place of experience.


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I just now made my profile “hidden” because someone here who’s not a newbie said something creepy to me (out in the open) just last week. So I looked around and found that option and enabled it.

I’m a very security conscious person, always have been.

I also don’t believe that people have to prove to me that they don’t have something to hide by showing/telling me everything about their lives. I respect peoples’ privacy and understand their need for it.

I also don’t believe in the “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about” crock.


We have a forum profile?


Found it! Cool.


I haven’t had to check here, but on another forum I was getting PMs for another seller and I told him to stop and got another and told him to stop and then more that I just ignored. No wonder he couldn’t figure out what to do to sell if he can’t understand ‘stop writing to me!’ It would be nice to be able to block certain folks after they have bothered us. I tend to do all my answering right in a forum so everyone that needs it gets the benefit of an answer. With the arthritis I have in my hands, I’m not about to be an unpaid mentor to someone via PM which were the same questions being asked on the forum as well.

I have to keep telling myself how many people in the US have/or had mental health problems when I see someone acting like that. As a nurse I have had my fair share of run ins with people that aren’t all there so to speak. It is sad, but not something we can deal with on a public forum.

Rushdie, I do appreciate you help on this forum. There are some great posters here.


As pointed out earlier on this thread, you can set your notifications preferences to disable Private Messaging. There is no reason to have a hidden profile to avoid Private Messages from other posters.

It seems the only purpose for a hidden profile is hide posts and posting activity such as who likes who, badges awarded, etc. If sellers want privacy to protect their business, they can use a different posting name from their business name.


If you keep get unwanted PM’s in this forum, you can flag them for moderation.


By default, amazon creates forum name and username of a seller by replacing the spaces in store name with “_”, if a person don’t change the default forum name and username then you can see all that.
I lock my home doors to protect myself, same here also.


Thank you for mentioning that.


Am I misremembering, or did you not say at one point that you were actually a guy? And went on to explain your moniker?


Chuckle… maybe a user name change might “Spurn” your issue… Oops


I take it you’re pleading the Fifth here…? :wink: