Whats with the hidden profile?


Why do some posters now have a hidden profile and can we all have one?


Good question. I’ve only noticed this once and it was on the profile of a poster I haven’t seen post since then.

I’m not sure why anyone would want a hidden profile. Are there any good reasons to want a hidden profile and still post on the forum?


Seems kinda shady to me. I know that Rushdie is a long timer so I trust his answers but if I can’t see that you have been here awhile and I don’t recognize your name ( like PointOfLight) what you are saying doesn’t hold any weight with me.


Likely wanting to hide, something, like maybe a name change. Or maybe just not wanting any PM’s


A couple weeks ago I noticed that I hadn’t seen @Skeeter in a while. I found he, too, has a hidden profile, so I learned nothing there.

I could have missed his more recent posts, I suppose, but generally I’ll catch a couple of them. I’ve seen nothing.

Hope he’s OK.


It seems shady to me that anyone would have a hidden profile to hide a name change when simply changing a forum profile name would have about the same effect.

If a poster doesn’t want Private Messaging, it’s possible to just ignore them. Personally I would prefer to know if anyone tries to PM me even though I am likely to ignore often by giving no response.


I agree.

I use my own judgment based on a post, not who a poster happens to be on the forum.


I noticed this too. I loved his posts and hope he is ok. At first I thought maybe he was banned, but then saw he had a hidden profile. Haven’t seen a post from him since.


I have hidden mine, temporarily, on the times that a fellow seller thought this forum was a “dating” site … loading up my PM box.


seriously? Of all the places to experience unwanted attention.

I honestly would have assumed this might be the last possible place.

I am sorry you experienced that.


Oh Brittnie I hope you weren’t getting pics!


Well, that’s certainly a tad bit creepy.

Still, I would’ve backed off without the Restraining Order…



Poker Face, I looked it up yes – we can all have a hidden profile…

The reason I looked it up the latest one seems to have absolutely no idea what they’re talkin about, & in one of the posting-- mentioned they were new…

In addition to asking a lot of questions that were not appropriate… silly… going on about you’re not answering my question… from the phraseology – might be some psychological issues in play…

Treating – The Forum, more like a chat room between social media participant posters…

Now – I don’t post a lot of questions here, I do post a lot of answers – I do try to be correct… I do try to be thoughtful, timely, give actual advice that might be useful…

Sometimes, I will p.m. someone to give them or ask additional information order to be helpful, because the forums are open to anyone that can figure out how to gain access,…there are some people … you don’t want to identify yourself a possible foe – book dropshippers – Chinese hackers… extortionist…

And – there are certain posters that I know have actually really good real-world experience, & good advice…

Some – that can only quote actual policy, which in many times is not that helpful…

My advice is that you have some that is – probably trolling, & the best thing to do is to ignore them…

Eventually - hopefully they go away, with no attention paid…

Unfortunately – if you have another new Forum member , they don’t have any experience in judging whether or not an answer is correct… this place is a minefield, of e-commerce…

And we lost the thumbs down at some point…

Sometimes – one has a thought – possibly a p.m., but I realized that could be just like engaging – unusual buyer, might set them off…

Well – I’m going to go find coffee…


I can report that @Skeeter is doing fine, just taking a step back from the Forum for a bit–voluntarily. :grin:

FWIW, hiding a Forum profile alone does not prevent PMs. That’s a separate feature: Preferences > Notifications > Messages. Otherwise, your name can still be “called” by someone originating a message via “new message” in their own account.

@poker_face, my thoughts about hiding profiles are that some Forum veterans just want some peace, but that other users are hiding their activity history, who likes them, and who they like. However, posting history can be found with a simple Forum search, so there are limits to what can actually be hidden by hiding a profile.

And some evidence suggests that users who are suspended have their profiles automatically unhidden by the system anyway.


I hid the profile to reduce the number of PMs. It was getting out of hand. I am trying to reduce the time spent in the forum and since I am too empathetic, the PMs could run into hours. Better to nip it in the bud, so to speak.

As you mentioned, long time sellers know me.

New sellers can still see my posting history, if they knew where to look: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/search?expanded=true&q=%40Rushdie


Everyone can have one, but it shows me that the person has a LOT to hide. I honestly don’t think they should be allowed.

That being said some of the forum vets have pointed out some very valid reasons to do it.


Well I’m glad for this thread because, a while back, I was toying with settings, seeing what they do. After hiding my profile, I must have been interrupted because I just checked & discovered I had neglected to change it back–forgot all about it. Duh. :woman_facepalming:
I’m now an open book again, so thanks for the reminder.


Absolutely, because some on here do not mind their business!!! They troll others storefront, read their reviews, stalk their product, prices and sales. Yes, there are plenty of reasons why! Nothing shady about it, they just do not want all you’ll in their business!!! Like you trying to do now probably!


@MY2CNTS, being able to find someone’s Amazon Store is usually due to a user’s Forum name, which is not hidden in posts or a hidden Forum profile, rather than anything located within the profile itself.

You can’t find someone’s reviews, products, prices, and sales from a Forum profile.


Thank you for that!

I know he takes flack sometimes for his position on certain topics, but his posts are always thoughtful and informative.

Actually, I secretly envy those who decide to “take a step back.”