What's the best automatic feedback request service?


Hey guys,

I was wondering which automatic feedback request (or automatic customer messaging system) you think is best?



Amazon sends feedback reminders to buyers that have not opted out of this notice 21 days after order date already. However, if you are adamant about paying a 3rd party to generate feedback emails to buyers Google is your friend (Feedback Genius, Feedbackz, FeedbackFive, Salesbacker). Just be prepared to receive more feedback but also more negative feedback from those buyers voicing a complaint about receiving the request.

We find that shipping quickly, delivering before estimated dates, providing great products as advertised helps us keep our feedback above 6% of orders. A more cost-effective solution to bump up your feedback rate would be to highlight the feedback statement on the packing slip, writing ‘Thank you’ on the packing slip, or even adding an additional slip in each package with a thank you, instructions on how to contact you should there be any issues and stating about feedback and how to leave it too.

Now, there is value to these email feedback services as many sellers do use them, but if you talk with them, they are usually larger businesses that can generate enough feedback volume that the few negatives they would not have gotten really do not affect their ratings, or they have dedicated staff that work with these buyers to resolve the complaint and try to get the buyer to remove the feedback after resolution.

As a frequent buyer on Amazon, I truly despise these emails – especially when I get the request and the item had not arrived, or I have already engaged them due to some issue with the item or package because these services blanket all buyers regardless of whether issues are reported or not.


Personally, I don’t use one, as I DETEST getting extra emails (from a buyer’s standpoint.)



The free one by +automatically+ providing quality products, quick shipping and prompt replies to customer emails.


The packing list you print out and put in the box with the item you send to the customer gives them instructions on how to leave feedback if they want to, and it is free. Amazon will send the customer an email in a few weeks asking about feedback and its free also.

Do you really want to pay for something that might annoy the customer and cause them to leave you the kind of feedback you do not desire?


Amazon already sends a message asking for feedback on all orders.

When I get extra messages from the seller asking for feedback if I give anything it is a 3 star at best and I complain about getting these extra messages.


I buy a fair amount on Amazon and HATE getting followup emails begging for feedback. I let them know how much I hate it via email. If I get a second email (or 3rd, 4th, 5th), I remove any positive feedback I left or, if I haven’t left feedback, I ding them to let them know how irritating it is.

If I want to leave feedback, I will. If I don’t, I won’t.

It is a purchase. I give you money, you give me stuff.

I don’t write to the Walmart manager every time I find everything I want at a decent price in their store - I EXPECT IT.

So, quit sweating the feedback. Put a sticker on your packing slip reminding people about feedback and then, LET IT GO!


We use www.feedbackemails.com - more reasonable prices.

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