What type of tracking no. starting with TBA


what type of tracking no. is this starting with TBA


What is TBA? Do you mean FBA?

What exactly is your question?


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Pretty sure (90%) this is the Amazon special delivery for same day delivery and is used in larger cities (I think only those which also offer Amazon Fresh) to save on shipping costs.

Tracking numbers starting with TBA should show a carrier of AMZN_US. and there’s absolutely nowhere to track the package since it’s done by courier from local warehouses and not common carrier.


Finally saw my first TBAXXXXXXX tracking number. Shows on the order as ‘Amazon Logistics’.

We received a MF order and could not locate the product in our warehouse. We have plenty of inventory in FBA warehouses so I called FBA Support and asked if was OK to enter a multi-channel shipping order. FBA Support agreed that I should do that instead of cancelling the customer order. Entered the MCF order with expedited shipping and everything was going to be just fine as I had two days to ship. MCF order placed the expected shipping date within the 2 day window. The problem arose when the shipping tracking number did not show up until after the two day window. No tracking number or carrier to associate with the shipment until hours past the deadline to confirm.

I guess that hit to metrics is not as severe as cancelling an order but it still hurts a little after have 100% metrics.

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