What to do when 2 brand names use the same name?


I recently started selling new items that have the same listing Brand as a registered Brand. This is causing many issues when trying to fix listings as the products are not related at all and it is brand registered to the other brand.

Amazon is a seller on these listings so I am not sure who created them but they do not use the full brand name. example: “Corn” when the correct brand name should be “Corn Imports”

Basically, the brand name needs to be corrected across 100 or so listings to reflect the correct brand and not get flagged as belonging to the brand registered brand. Trying to get the catalog team to fix this will only lead to me pulling my hair out. How on earth can you get Amazon to listen and use common sence to resolve?


Amazon has not authorized their employees to use common sense. Amazon employees are only permitted to use Amazon policies. I suggest that you find the appropriate policy and quote it to them (be sure to also include the URL to the policy, because many Amazon employees have not received training on using searches, or on looking it up.


This is a situation where the trademark holder needs to take action.


Sometimes, if they feel like it. Or if you phrased it verbatim to their script.




It is a sleepy brand of a large cooperation. The brand website has not been up in 2 years. I doubt they care what is going on with the Amazon catalog.


Then, unfortunately, you should not either.


Well considering the listing im referring to has a tittle that does not match the product I do care. your comments are useless.


In most likelihood, your efforts to get them changed will also be useless.


So far I have struck out with seller support and registry support. no one in support reads cases just copy paste responses. Completely worthless. Mods where are you to step in!!! The Catalog is turning into a $%&# show.


no help from mods here?


For a variety of reasons - upon which I, among many other members of our Seller Community (such as the seasoned forum veterans & savvy sellers who’ve responded upthread) could discourse at no little length were it appropriate - there’s precious-little chance of the members of the FMT (“Forum Moderation Team”) helping in matters like this.

As those vets allude, I believe that you’ll find that your best bet in resolving this unfortunate situation which you’re facing is to engage the help of the Legal Department of the large corporation whose Brand Integrity is being harmed by the scenario which you’ve described; absent such aid, I believe that it is decidedly likely that your only recourse will be to engage legal representation, on your own dime, capable of swaying Amazon’s Office of the General Counsel to recognize the validity of your complaint.

To be fair, it must admitted that I am entirely in sympathy with your position, my friend, and I think it’s quite likely that there’s no one on this mortal coil who loathes shelling out shekels to the Members at The Bar more than I myself do, or fumes as furiously as I do over Amazon policies, procedures, and processes that make such expenditures a necessary evil - but the hoary old adage “…it takes money to make money” is undeniably true, so if I see my way clear to profit thereby, I bite that distasteful bullet.