What to do - I have consent from an author to sell a book that's not accepting applications?


Hi all,

I have authorization from the author of a book to FBA her book on Amazon but when I put in the identifier I get this: You are not approved to list this product and we are not accepting applications at this time.

She has told me she will write a letter as needed but I don’t know where to even submit that information.

Backstory on the product: The author hired someone else to sell the book with FBA and is looking to switch to having me sell it for her. She doesn’t have access to the account but says she didn’t give them exclusivity to sell it on Amazon.

I’ve tried everywhere to change it but I can’t find a way to open a case. I’ve sent something to contact us and haven’t heard back.

Any help on what to do would be truly appreciated.


That someone else most likely holds the key. [quote=“Loads4Less, post:1, topic:722689”]
The author hired someone else to sell the book with FBA


Amazon gets to choose who can sell these restricted books, not the author.

The criteria are secret, and there is no appeal.


@Sprinkler_Buddy_by_R thanks so much for your reply. I will let the author know.


@Lake What makes a book a ‘restricted book’? Is it just that they choose it to be restricted or those that put the item up choose it?


Amazon decides. Theoretically to avoid counterfeits but in practice for reasons which cannot be discerned.

It is believed they are influenced by some publishers, not authors.


I cannot imagine this is anything worth even the slightest bit of trouble.


Sometimes it’s political correctness like the restricted violation i got today for selling Mein Kampf last spring.