What should I do?


Hello All,

I am living in the Turkey, so I want to sell products on amazon.com but I dont know any steps how do it. I need to get some advices for start to sell on amazon.com



Now is not the time to start. Wait and see how this virus thing pans out. This could change the way business is done in the future. For right now read all you can in the Seller University and scroll through the forums for your answers. Listen to long time members like @Lake @M_L_H @papyrophilia @Skeeter @Oneida_Books @bookwormapril @Bad_Brittnie and many more. ( I know there are a bunch more). Don’t watch any you tube videos. There are crooks out there that just like to talk and want to take your money. Start out small when you do start. Don’t put your families financial welfare at risk. I could give you endless advice but for right now, just wait until this virus thing is over!


Thank you, @poker_face–include yourself, @Dogtamer, @To_Your_Health, @HDMS, @old_marine, @Mellogirl88, @The_Orange_Crush, @racingroxstore, @Rushdie, too, among many others!

But I have to admit that I’m confused. @KSAstore, your Seller account appeared to be suspended in December 2017.

  • What have you been doing since then?
  • Is your Seller account still suspended or deactivated?

hello my name is kerim. l have individul account on amazon. l opened seller account and l saw a massage from amazon. they want to some document;–Utility bill with name and address visible
–Business license, if applicable
–If you have active listings, include copies of invoices, receipts, contracts or delivery orders from your supplier issued in the last 90 days.
I am from Turkey and my bill is turkish. they did not accept it.


Good advice from @poker_face and when you learn all the do’s and don’t from the forum, please find a product to sell you are knowledgeable of to avoid the mistakes others do.
Good luck and be safe. MC


I was a student in 2017 and I did not have money for sell on amazon but now I am working. My dream is that do international business but I dont have any experiences.


How did you keep your account active, though? :thinking:

ETA @KSAstore: Amazon has reportedly been closing inactive accounts.


my account has never been active. Account is deactivated now. Also you are selling your products on amzon.com from other countries?


Can you still log in to Seller Central?

If you’d like Forum help with Seller identity verification, then please copy>paste your most recent message from Amazon (no screenshots).

For selling tips, I recommend that you read this post by @Rushdie thoroughly, including all help links.


Yes I did. there is a warning in Seller Central like click Reactivate Your Account