What percentage of customers usually leave feedback?


Actually that’s what we call an Amazon glitch that, not too long age, turned each and every seller’s name into “Forums User”, resulting in that ginormous number of posts. It was great fun, no one could tell who was posting and who was replying to which post.


It is very tough to get feedback on Amazon. I wonder if the same percentage applies to items Amazon sells directly. On the Ebay side of things a very high percentage of orders ger feedback. It is sort of the nature of things over there that goes way back. I prefer feedback because it really helps sales.


About 3% for me. So sad. Maybe it’s harder to get feedback on book sales. I used to do much, much better percentage wise.


In the last 90 days I am running around 20%. I write a thank you note on the packing slip and draw little brackets around the instructions on how to leave feedback. Don’t laugh, but I also find that using a pink marker instead of a black one brings in more feedback.


I sell an admittedly uninteresting type of product and get less than 10% feedback. No news is good news.


I do all of that. I use a pink or yellow highlighter. I write a personal but short thank you note. I do a cute little drawing…Every order. Every time.

I guess some like “cute”!

I sometimes go weeks with none…then several in a few days.

I still seem to be getting around 4-5% feedback.



I get a shade over 1% even using feedbackfive. However, I am not using feedbackfive to solicit feedback as it’s main function. I use it for digital delivery of instructions/warranty info, which most seem customers love. However, I am needing a alternative to feedbackfive that allows more options. Does anyone know of any other solutions to automated emails to customers? Or will I need to find a AWS developer to create one for me?


We haven’t had even feedback since Dec. 7 despite shipping hundreds of orders since black friday. I’m deducting feedback is low for the holidays or will be delayed until January.


Ha I wsh…

Last 30 days has averaged 6% for me.


I LOVE Amazon, but I am a very little seller. I jumped through new hoops this past week, aiming to please as usual, but MORE than usual with the holiday season upon us. I did my latest customer a HUGE favor. I shipped out within a couple hrs. of his purchase. I paid EXTRA out of MY pocket to upgrade him to priority mail w/del. confirmation. I know some people are leaving for the holidays and need things as gifts. So stupid me, I thought I was doing something very nice out of kindness, wrong.
All he did was send an email wanting to know an ETA of when I was mailing it out? Some of us work! This is about before lunchtime during a work weekday when he purchased. Excuse me? When I told him what I was doing and that I’d send it out right after lunch and upgrade the shipping. He did NOT pay extra for this shipping upgrade, did he say “thank you”??? NO, nothing. I couldn’t believe how rude people have become.
I see it was delivered last week too, did he leave positive feedback? NO, he has left me nothing!
I am not happy one iota with this new ‘seller rating’ stuff. Excuse me, are we now the “bay” (shutter)?
I have many, many sales on here, but not everyone has ever left feedback. It’s also one-sided when we can’t leave our feedback for the buyer. Lop-sided is one way to describe it.
The feedback system here is not so easy to find. I found that the first time I left feedback for a seller when I bought something. That’s what I think is going on mainly, hard to find. And then some people just never get around to it, nor don’t care to.
Well they don’t realize that our reputations and such are on the LINE. Bottom line. And we can lose our business big or small on here because of this new policy. Not good one bit.


Question for you and many of us on here? Why should WE have to jump through hoops to get customers to leave feedback? They’re going to or not going to. We cannot control it.
People don’t have manners or the courtesy to leave us feedback when it is due.


Also, I wonder if this is also a way of weeding many of us out and sending us up the river? The bay does it.


As a small seller I so understand your comments about going the extra mile…only to feel “stiffed”.

People have appalling manners in general. “Your Welcome” has somehow morped into “No problem”. (Just a personal thing, lol)

I do the right thing and work to ship fast and I have upgraded every order all week on my own “dime” to Priority if it would fit in the flat rate envelope. Only one so far did not…and I decided since it’s Christmas…just to bite the bullet and expedite it anyway…that was my “profit”.

Anyhow…I hope someone is happy and grateful for the small assistance and is proactive enough to leave a positive feedback. Do I have expectations that they will do so?

NO. People are busy…or unaware…or stressed to the max…or think leaving feedback is silly…but for whatever reason…most customers do not take the time.

(Unless they have had an “issue”.)

But once in awhile…a customer lets me know how much they DID appreciate my efforts. I have received emails from buyers who wanted to leave feedback and couldn’t figure it out. Even when I sent instructions how to do so. I have received emails with feedback inside because they were so nice and tried and couldn’t figure it out but sent it the only way they could. : ))

My seller health is excellent and my feedback reflects my priority to good service. So that’s all I can do. I only have control of me…and that’s probably a REALLY good thing!



I’ve consistantly gotten FB on under 5% of my sales. It does not trouble me in the least. I may get more than that in repeat buyers, and my repeat buyers are almost never the buyers who leave FB.

I like the new health system, and have a 1.0 because I provide all of my customers with a high level of service.

On Ebay, I’m a top ranked seller, and a power seller. My Amazon experience has improved the customer service I provide my Ebay customers as well.

I’m not a volume seller on ither site, but not a low volume seller either.

I’m in business for the money, its the only numbers that matter. My customers are normal buyers, don;t leave FB, don;t say thank you to online sellers or clerks in the store. I say Thank You to clerks and cashiers, and don;t leave FB.


One possible reason: I noticed at least a couple weeks ago that Amazon has completely removed the “Leave seller feedback” link from the buyer account page.



You should check out these sites:



Why should a seller by a tool to harass and aggravate their customers? FB is not very important on Amazon


My seller rating is also 1.0, but “not yet rated”. I’m curious how many orders you have to have in the past 365 days in order to get rated if anyone is comfortable sharing this info.


I am currently getting about 5% in feedback ratings for months now, down from about 10% a few years ago. It is getting worse and worse, with the only people who leave you feedback are the angry ones, usually before or instead of contacting you about a problem you would never know about without them telling you. Many times their feedback ratings or comments are inane, useless, or problems that could be easily solved if they just contacted you. I sell some very fragile items, we know there will be damage with some of them, it’s part of the business. The rudeness of the buyers is getting worse as well, as are the expectations. The way they demand things now instead of asking or even letting you know about a problem is horrible. If a person walked into a store saying the things I get in an email they would be thrown out. It reminds me how far society has degraded when it comes to manners and simple niceties. I do my best to be as kind of helpful and offer up multiple solutions, but sometimes there is no pleasing someone so I just move on. If Amazon would just institute a couple simple fixes, like not allowing a buyer to leave a negative unless they have emailed us, that would solve half my negative feedback right off the bat. Maybe one day Amazon will view the sellers as more important than they do now, as it is about 1% caring for the seller, 99% for the buyer.


Computer software generated Thank You note with signature sent in package.