What percentage do you calculate for returns per 100 items sold?


I’m trying for forecast my ROI for products I’m looking to sell through FBA. Is there a % factor that you calculate to estimate the number of returns you may see on average.

I understand that a 3.5 star will probably have more returns, but how many would that be per 100 units sold.

Just looking for an estimate here for calculation purposes.



Return levels seem to be somewhat category specific

You can’t get a realistic answer based on just numbers alone, it’s not a one size fits All equation

The changing variable is dependent upon the category


My personal experience has been about 1-2% returns/refunds.

However, with clothing items (especially shoes) you could easily be in the 10-20% range.


Thanks so much for replying and I definitely understand it varies… So in a Name brand toy category. Are we talking 1-2% or 3-5% or it still varies based on the product and manufacturer.

My main focus is toys, pet products (not food) and household goods. Just trying to figure out some form of way to calculate.

So it sounds like Shoes and apparel are bad, but are there other categories to be aware of?

Just getting started and want to make sure I’m making good ROI decisions.

Thanks for any feedback!


Returns in general have shot up since Covid. At least for me.

Seems like more People want to use something and then return it and keep part of it or maybe some are just looking at ways to scrape together pennies due to financial situations.

Personally I’m in automotive and housewares.

I don’t really use fba either…

But my returns have gone up from .1 to . 2 to about .4 of my total orders since Coronavirus

I think your mileage may vary depending on things like if you are selling multipacks that people can buy to steal some and return expecting a free item and a refund