What is with the Seller Central Dashboard?


I guess it’s fine when I squoosh the browser like for a mobile but this is what it looks like on my desktop PC.

I can’t move the widgets, even though the ‘move’ tool pops up on hover. I would at least like to move them together so I dont have this vast sea of white space.
Yes, I did try the “reset” button. No change.


Scroll to the bottom of the page. On the left hand side there should be button for Reset to default view.


I did that before I posted. See the last line in my post.


Probably some bored work-from-home tech running some beta tests…

The blank space in the middle for me had a box showing when I had an unshipped sale (and went back to empty blank space when I shipped).

I also currently have a tech message box in the middle (something about high support wait times for the phone and to use email instead).

My viewpoint: Firefox on a laptop computer.



It’s horrible. I too tried the reset button, no change. Sent in feedback through the button at bottom and the 3 dots in the box at top. Also tried a different browser, no change. Hope they fix it soon.


The feedback and a-z claim boxes have been made less visible. Have to click multiple times to see them.


Are you running ad blocking software?


HairWhisper_Inc - My feedback module is completely gone. What are you clicking on to see them?


BeffJesos -Not on this site. I have it disabled for Azon pages.


We’re running into the same problem here. Tried the reset to default view, different browsers, restarting our computer but nothing worked. It’s only our Canadian dashboard, the US layout remains the same.


They did the same thing suddenly back in the Fall, and after a few days, the old dashboard just as suddenly reappeared. The new one just showed up again a few minutes ago. Only Amazon can make it go away…


I have the same problem


I see Notifications, Grow your business, Amazon business (certification) in the center of the dashboard. Reset does nothing for me either. I would love to see Account health and feedback widget.


I opened a case in seller central about this same problem. Haven’t received a satisfactory response to date.

How about you - any response on how to get the Account health and feeback wiidgets back?


That’s not going to happen. Or at least not until some programmer just decides to do it.

Poster ed_yu created a thread on how to get rid of the giant boxes though…