What is the "one redemption per customer" option there for?


Hello everyone,
I have a running promotion which is “percentage off a single use claim code” also the one redemption per customer option was selected too. I have read and gone through all the information about promotions and what I understood was, “in this case the customer can use a claim code only one time and get the discount for only one unit even if they purchase more than one unit”. But sadly that’s not what happened. Customers were able to buy more than one unit under the promotion discount. So I’m wondering what is the “one redemption per customer” option there for and how does it WORK? How can I limit “discounted unit purchase” without limiting the max order quantity? Sorry for my poor grammar since its my second language and thanks if you share your knowledge with me.


You need “One redemption per CUSTOMER, per ITEM, per ORDER.”
Let me guess: Amazon gets a fee for running this promotion?:roll_eyes:


amazon doesn’t get a fee but they weren’t very clear about this issue or maybe the person that I talked didn’t know the mechanism very well. I opened a case and they told me the only way is limiting the max order quantity in the editing product menu, this doesn’t make sense to me, I have customers when they go to my listing they purchase 2-3 items or more, nobody wants to loose their multiple sales while running a promotion so hopefully amazon makes the creating promotions section more user friendly.


Yeah…you have to put a budget on it!


Difficult to budget for ambiguity.
Most statements from Amazon seem to have some sort of ambiguity.
Hence the variety of differing opinions in the forum.


I don’t see anyone replying to your topic, so maybe it wasn’t clear to anyone to begin with.

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