What is the max character length for an item title?


I’m uploading items through the excel flat template but some of the items have really long titles. What is the max character length for an item title? For those who know a little excel, if I do a =LEN formula on my titles, what is the max number that Amazon accepts?


Amazon sets Product Titles to 256 Characters per guidelines, however, there are many product titles that are longer than this.

I usually stay away from product pages with long titles. Looks very unprofessional and sloppy.


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Good morning and thanks for posting your question. My name’s Scotty and I’m with Amazon Seller Support.

When it comes to Product Detail Pages, the Product Title is a key component to creating a great listing that is going to sell. Though our system will permit for the entry of over 200 characters in the Product Title field, our research has shown that listings with titles (parent titles) with less than 80 characters improve the shopping experience by making it easier for customers to find, review, and buy your items. As a result, we will hide (or suppress) from search and browse non-media listings that do not meet certain standards.

So just keep in mind that to ensure that your created listings stay in an active status and remain available to be purchased from, do keep your Product Title within 80 characters (the more succinct and accurate, the better).

Once again, thanks a lot for posting in Amazon Forums. It’s been a pleasure getting to assist you and I hope you have an excellent weekend ahead.


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I second your decision. Most product titles that really should be product descriptions SEEM to come from eBay and third party feeds or overseas sellers it seems.

You know the type “High Fashion Newest Model Popular Super Juice Li-ion Battery Home Cord Boat Motorcyle Trailer RV Motorhome Solar Sunlight Compatible 12v Smartphone Charger”

Funny thing, I would like to know that if this is being permitted is the listing ranked for every possible keyword listed in the product title or is it limited to a certain number of those words for detail page ranking?

The world may never know…

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