What is the inventory Storage and Time Limit if there is any


i was wondering if my products didn’t get sold for a long time will amazon throw it out of their inventory after a certain amount of time or will there be a fee. I was also wondering how much space i would be allowed in amazon’s warehouse


Amazon charges storage on a monthly basis using the average quantities in storage throughout the month. You will also pay long term storage fees for items that were unsold after 365 days. That rate is much higher than the monthly rate. You will need to pay these on a monthly basis as well. Further to that, if your IPI score drops below 500, you will receive a storage threshold and you will need to pay for any items that exceed that storage.

As a new seller, the storage quota will be smaller. If you do not have a professional account, it will be even less.



Boardgames4Us, basically spelled it out. But I’ll add, that as long as you pay Amazon to store your goodies, they in general will keep them there forever.

There are foolish sellers that pay Amazon to store their items probably to the point there really is no profit left. Just like there are people that will rent a storage unit to keep some things they have no room for. And keep pay the rent on them for so long they could have bought new things.


When will I be charged once I deliver my product from my manufacturer and how much will the cost be on average. On an individual account am I able to exceed 10 cubic feet for my inventory.


How do I know if I’m paying too much for storage and how do I prevent that from happening


Storage charges begin when the items are received into inventory. There standard rates are $0.75/cuft Jan to Sept and $2.40/cut Oct to Dec. The storage charged depends on the size of the item. With an Individual account, you would be charged a maximum of $7.50 if you maxed out your storage. Better questions are: 1) why an Individual account unless you will sell less than 40 items per month 2) why would you store more than 40 items if you plan to sell less 3) why would you need more storage?

Individual accounts are for hobbies, not businesses and businesses will aim to sell as much as possible. That should be more than 40 items. The costs would be more than the monthly fee.

A professional account will increase that storage, allow access to the Buybox, access to business reports, and help you to grow the business.

You really need to rethink why you are here. You are constrained by your own choices and your contradictions.



To manage your storage costs you need to make sure the package measurements are accurate and check the fee preview report to confirm. You also need to confirm the inventory reports and when your items were received and shipped. That covers off the cost per item, number of days for each item, and total costs at the rates. I suggest that you focus more on exceptions than confirming the calculator works. Look at the fee rate for items in stock to find items with high rates and then confirm the dimensions for those. Otherwise you will go crazy and lose focus on your business which will be competitive pricing, quality products, good cost ratios, appropriate stock levels, and timely restocking. There take time.



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