What is the deal with the new textbook restrictions?


I just received a request from Amazon for copies of invoices for my purchase of textbooks. I’ve been selling textbooks for several years that I find at yard sales and flea markets. To date, no customer complaints because they get the book in good condition, at a fair price. It appears they are seeking to limit sellers of textbooks to only companies buying directly from the publisher. How is what I’m doing to get inventory different from a large textbook company like Textbooks.com purchasing from individual sellers and then reselling on Amazon? Textbooks.com would not have an invoice from the publisher and no evidence of where the person that sold them the book obtained it.

First Amazon hikes up the fees for selling books, and now a death blow to the most profitable category.

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Another Nail in the Coffin…?

Eventually AZ 3p Sellers will be back to selling “used books”…Back to the Future?


I got this notification too and I am so confused. What are the certain popular books?? Who buys used books directly from the supplier??? I buy them from college students.


You can thank all the sellers (and producers) of counterfeit textbooks out there for such increasing restrictions. Or it’s the overly controlling publishers. Or both. Really, the publishers can’t do much more with all the counterfeits out there than try to police the secondary markets by having Amazon restrict some of the sales. It’s a shame, really. The scammers/counterfeiters ruin it for those of us legitimate sellers. It’s like many areas of life.

I’ve had a great run with textbooks over the last decade, but with the increasing number of counterfeits flooding the market the last couple years, I’m thinking about bailing.


Unlike you, some of us do very well selling used books on Amazon.


I agree with you.

Due to counterfeits in many categories, more categories are becoming gated daily.

Online sales are getting smaller & more difficult daily.


Receipts from FOL sales won’t pass the grade with Amazon.

They will be seeking receipts from publishers or distributors.


I’m really confused so this is all conditions of textbooks ? Or new ? If a student purchases a textbook from another student then they would no longer be able to sell it on amazon ?


> What is the deal with the new textbook restrictions?
Can you think of a faster, more cost-effective, way for
Amazon to compile a marketable list of sources and

Eliminating used sellers will improve their market position
once they go to monetize that list.

I’m guessing new sellers are on the target list too. But
since they can still provide value in terms of data, they
are not yet in the bulls-eye.


Can we blame China or just the “usual suspects?”


Got it as well. I still can’t decide what set this off. I don’t doubt that it has something to do with low volume, but I really wish I knew the scope of how bad it’s going to be. How big a category is “certain popular textbooks?”

Are we talking a handful of no-go items? Or a categorical inventory massacre, if, say, PDF scans of my receipts from the Jefferton Friends of the Library don’t cut it?


“Popular” seems to mean NOT Out of Print and Obsolete?


I run a textbook company similar to textbookrush and textbooks.com and this is going to be detrimental. This may be the worst tuesday I’ve had in a long time.


I thought it was just me, at least ya’ll saved me a private panic attack. Cool heads will prevail I suppose. Every time something like this happens, there is an adjustment period and then the market levels out.


The market leveling out can still leave many sellers out in the cold. For example I cannot sell many if not most DVDs. I’ve just gone to ebay; maybe textbook sellers will also.

I will say that while I am small fry with the textbooks they seem to be a big part of the business of other dealers around here.


I received the same email. My daughter is in college and most of the books i sell are ones we’ve bought personally over the years and re-sell on AZ. I never list as New - even if they are still in shrink-wrap. I always list accurately. I don’t have receipts either.


Remember the days when Amazon tried to get all their buyers to also be sellers? hahaha.


Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end…

Some of us saw the handwriting on the wall and I am just glad that I got out of the Amazon textbook game at just the right time (60 days ago). I cut my Amazon book inventory by 75% and expect that to go to 100% over the next 6 months.

It has been a wild ride, but it had to end.

My sympathies to all who have been caught unaware. Wishing you all the best.



I primarily sell paperback and hardcover books although I have maybe 40 of my 600 listings as textbooks and did not receive any notifications. I am a little confused: does this gating apply to all textbooks or just current edition or most popular ones? If I was to pick up say an older edition textbook that still sells for a decent bit of money would I no longer be able to post it? Just trying to determine if I need to cut out searching for these kind of books out of my business plan



Who the hell buys their inventory from factories? Rich people, that’s who, and everyone else gets left out in the cold. Typical.


It would make sense if Amazon would share the big secret of what CDs and textbooks will be gated. At least they said the DVDs were $25 and up.