What is the best way to handle this?


I sell personalized item. The description states the items are personalized and what information is required to personalize them. People purchase the item and never supply the information needed to personalize their order. I send messages to remind them, they go unanswered. Eventually I have to cancel the order and take a big hit because the order was cancelled. Any advise would be appreciated.


Amazon is not the proper venue to sell personalized products. Buyers are not obligated to contact you to complete the transaction. Also, many buyers don’t read the description.


The best way to handle this is to sell on any other venue but Amazon.

You are at great exposure for getting banned through a high ODR – late shipping, not as described, seller cancelled orders - for the reasons you already know – there is no way to guarantee that the buyers will respond with the necessary information for you to customize.

In addition, the buyer can return for any reason within 30 days, and your returns are unsellable, so they are a dead loss.


You have to know the buyer and the Amazon buyer is not likely to communicate with you.
Your customized items are not a good fit for this venue.

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