I am sure that this question was asked before but I am puzzled.
Every "“pay period” I have money deducted from my invoice for PROMO REBATES, even though I do not offer any rebates.
Can anyone explain?



Greetings, A-wedding Day!

The promotional rebates you see in your Payments report are for items that qualified for Free Shipping.

When a buyer selects ‘Free Shipping’ for their shipping preference, we apply a charge for the shipping, and then a credit.

This credit is in the form of a rebate, equal to the initial shipping charge.

In the ‘Transaction’ view of your Payments report, you will see a negative charge in the “Total promotional rebates” column, and the same amount credited back to you in the “Other” column.


Why have I been charged ‘promo rebates’?

Thank You!
I appreciate both your answer and your prompt response!



This does not add up. The shipping charge plus the amazon 15 % commission does not add up to what is being charged in the Total Amazon fees column. Where is the difference coming from?

I have attached a report with some sample transactions so you can see what I am talking about. I would appreciate a prompt reply here.

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