What is going on with the check-in process at fulfullment centers?!


For the second time I have items that were checked in over a week ago disappearing from not only my inventory, but also from my shipment. Meaning it’s as if the items were never checked in to begin with. In my received inventory, it shows the items checked in and a day later, they are removed only to be added back another couple days later and always go straight to warehouse transfer. I reach out to seller support and was told that because they weren’t added to the bin, they were removed from my manage inventory but the SS person totally disregarded the fact that I said the items were checked in and are now missing from the shipment contents as if they were never checked in. I also noticed that 24 units of an item that I did not send in even 1 of was checked in today into my inventory and is in reserved status and active in my inventory. This is obviously someone else’s inventory, which means they are missing 24 units of said item while I am missing many of my own. Is this because of the holiday period and fulfillment centers are doing more than they can handle? Should I be expecting all my shipments to be going insane until the end of the year?

I know you guys can’t really give advise about this - just had to vent.


The check in process at most FC has been changed from my understanding. So basically your box gets scanned as received and then moves on to point B and then gets shipped to another warehouse and this is assuming you shipped to a distribution FC. If the units do not make it to point B or the final warehouse within x amount of time they get removed from the shipment and they assume you did not send them.

This is a change from the old days when your box was received and counted at the same time.


Really?! This is the first time I’m hearing that, and definitely the first time I’m experiencing this. Up until this shipment, which I doubt it matters, but went to the same FC in PA, I would go from delivered to checked in and then pretty much what was standard was all my items then went into reserved status and were transferred to whatever FC Amazon decided to ship them to because diff items in diff qtys would become available shortly after.

What happened with this shipment was all items were delivered, checked in and put into reserved for transfer. The same as usual. Except 2 days later, half my items were gone from my inventory and because I was like umm, huh, I went and looked at the shipment info again and all those items that were missing mysteriously weren’t checked in anymore.

The first day it happened, I actually posted here and within 30 min I’d say (it was very fast), it almost seemed like it was a tech glitch because everything reappeared as normal - back in my contents of the shipment and back in reserved status in my inventory. I thought ok, everything is ok now. Then 2 days later, more than half my shipment is gone. I looked at the reports because I was like how can they turn around and say they never received it if the reports show they did in fact scan in the quantity I sent in. What I found in reports is literally every 2 days + and - the inventory and since the last time I checked, nothing is back.

Sellers support is completely useless. “Wait till reconciliation date,” which of course keeps changing because the contents keep being found and then disappearing. To top all that off, while I was looking at reports, I ended up with 24 units of someone else’s inventory and again, seller support completely useless. “We cannot do anything while the units are being transferred. Please wait till they reach the FC and they will be ready for buyers to purchase.” I responded that these aren’t MY buyers and I shouldn’t be receiving another seller’s funds, and they’re probably experiencing the same thing I am - my inventory is probably sitting in someone else’s inventory. Meanwhile it shows for sale with a future delivery date should a buyer want to purchase it. Now, I can change the price to some crazy number to ensure no orders are placed, but what if I decide to send in the inventory myself? Of course I want to sell my inventory and not sit on a crazy price that is meant to stop buyers from ordering. So, if a buyer should place an order, I would receive the sale and I would also have to take the hit if a buyer returns the order.

It’s just frustrating. If Amazon’s warehouse employees are overwhelmed, they need to be honest and slow down. I get that Amazon doesn’t necessarily allow them to, but personally, I rather wait an extra day for my shipment to get checked in properly than have this mess. And I even mentioned that Amazon better not try to tell me that I never sent in the items because the reports show that the items were scanned in and then scanned out; if Amazon lost my inventory, then they need to take responsibility for it. Seller support gave some copy and paste response.

Definitely the first time I’m hearing about the process you’ve mentioned. I’ll have to look more into that. That might explain why my latest shipment is crazy and hopefully once it makes it to its final destination, all items are “found.”