What is going on at FTW1 Dallas?


What is going on at FTW1 Dallas?

In the last month we have made 4 shipments to FBA center FTW1 (Dallas).

2 of the shipments were received into inventory within 2-3 days – no problem. However the third shipment was lost (Amazon reimbursed us after 21 days) and now the latest shipment is sitting in Delivered status for days stuck in Inbound

Is there anyone in Amazon, other than Seller Support, who can be contacted via e-mail or phone to get some answers?


I am having the same issue - I just had 5 shipments close with zero items being received and I have about 12 that have been delivered just sitting there. - any help would be appreciated


I have the same issue,too, 0 items received for 7 shipments during 9-23,9-24, that have been delivered for a long time


It’s been very hit-or-miss in the last year, but we haven’t had anything worse than “slow to Receive” -and an incident last November where a few cases of product were randomly re-stickered that caused us to recall inventory on two products that blew our December to February sales out of the water. The place ran like clockwork prior to about 12 months ago …no idea what has caused the changes.


I am having the same issue too, 3 boxes have been delivered for 5 days without check-in!


I have the same question,so came here looking for any clue. My shipment has arrived in FTW1 on 11st,OCT, but stay in inbound status even right now.


I’ve had the same experience. One box go completely missing, 150 units poof and another take 2 week from received to checked in.


Same here…66 units shipped and it was closed with 0 units checked in


Same here. 6 shipments delivered through Fedex on 14th Oct. Still no units checked in.


same trouble, no receiving, and most of my items are out of stock now, sales drop down to zero, a thousand cases can not fix my problem, wtf. and amazon system always distribute my shipment to this rubbish warehouse, so sad me…


Same issue, FTW1 has now lost 456 units of mine in the past month

All closed with 0 received, most over a month ago.

Anyway to blacklist this fulfillment center since I’m basically out of all those units now.


I’m having the same problem. They have lost $600 worth of product.


We ship to FTW1 every week. Everything was like clockwork until mid October. We have some partially received with no updates for days, and another from 10/14 appears to still be in a trailer outside.

They seem to be way behind and out of control there. This is not the first thread about this warehouse.

I wish a MOD would alert someone that there is a big issue there. It’s going to be a mess to clean up by the time the holidays pass.


I’m about to drive down there and get my stuff and go home.


That 'a awesome that you were reimbursed.

I agree that the current status of shipping into FTW1 isn’t working. We have one shipment with 22K of product that is completely MIA and since Mid September and no resolution except “Thank you for your patience”. The next shipment they just received after sitting there two weeks and 50% of it is missing. Whole 74" high skids of product disappear. All of that advertising and promotion to get ranking down the drain.

Aside from useless complaining I am hoping there will be some better guidance as to how to ship into their system and which carriers they work well with. Right now we use their “partnered” carrier (unyson) which as a Cross Dock operation with them but it is very ineffective. If anyone knows of an effective LTL or FTL carrier for FTW1 please share.



Same here…7 boxes totally more than 300 units shipped and it was closed with 0 units checked in. 5 boxes reimbursement already. but I’m sending for sale this products. Somebody can check what’s going on FTW1.



however, we love your optimism if you believe that you will actually get answers through SS!


there’s the issue.

only allow 72" high.

your shipment is being punished in ways only Jimmy in the warehouse knows how to do it.


I wrote to to Amazon’s executive team about these issues. I had several shipments that were delivered and confirmed by UPS show up with 0 inventory checked in then it was auto reconciled with 6 of 81 products checked in? Then it happened again with another shipment. I am still battling with with customer support about these issues because they refuse to find or refund thousands of dollars of products that magically disappeared from the Dallas FC.


My boxes are being delivered here and never put up. What’s going on here