What is an AMZ Merchant ID? and do I have one?


I don’t have an AMZ store, but sell individually. Do I have a merchant ID?


still extremely confusing. Can’t they display it in seller central when you log in? I have two long strings of characters (one a token) and not sure how to get an app working with amazon. Good times


This is from a three-year-old post on the old boards, but perhaps it’s still accurate:

"Your Merchant ID is your identity used to track your order information. When you create a Checkout button, whether you use the Create Checkout Button generator in Seller Central or you create your own using the information provided in the Integration Guide, you must include your Merchant ID as part of each item transaction in the order.

“It’s easy to find your Merchant ID. Just log in to Seller Central using your Checkout by Amazon sign-in credentials (your e-mail address and password), click the Settings tab, click Checkout Order Pipeline, and then view your Merchant ID, a 14-character string similar to this: AEIOU1234AEIOU.”


“I am not a number. I am a free man.” — the Prisoner.

See the irony here?


Hmmm…my settings don’t have a “pipeline”. Maybe I don’t have one because I’m not an associate?

Here’s what I see

Account Info - Update your business name, bank information, and notification options. You have permissions
Notification Preferences - View and edit your notification preferences
Login Settings - Change your name, e-mail, or password.
Manage Returns Settings - Manage buyer return requests
Shipping Settings - View and edit your shipping rates and shipping restrictions.
Store Settings - There is no description for this tool.

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Everyone has a Merchant Id…

Depending on your account type and how long you’ve been on Amazon try :

  1. Your store front. Accessible through your Seller Account page > Store Settings > View my storefront

Then look at the URL in the browser address bar …

My URL is http://www.amazon.com/gp/shops/storefront/index.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&sellerID=ANZE9ULNDLIJJ

sellerId and merchantId are the exact same thing. Whoever was coding on one side didn’t tell the other side they were changing it. Even the new MWS API’s have both of them. UGH!

  1. Go to any product page where you have a listing. Put the mouse over your listing and you’ll see …


Right click to copy either. Paste anywhere and copy your Id down …


You have a SELLERID - and an Amazon STOREFRONT.

Go to one of your items, click on your sellername, click on see details about this seller, observe the URL line near the top line in your browser. Towards the right end of the url line you should see something like this:


Technically, only SP (Selling Professional) accounts have a “MerchantID”, but everyone - including SP accounts - has a SELLERID. These two are sometimes confused and/or referenced to mean the same thing… (i.e. why do you need to know this…?).


My guess is they want to use some software and this is a required param by the new MWS API’s

You are correct but there is a fine line and most people don’t need to be that specific.

As far as Amazon coding these are interchangeable and do basically mean the same thing. Some calls use the term sellerId while others use merchantId.


Thank you all I found it.

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