What has happened to Seller Support?


Then he’s never calculated the manhours wasted - a half-price person that requires 10x the time = 5 manhours. A full person that requires 1x the time = 1 manhours. Bezos is bleeding because HE ISN’T MEASURING THE RIGHT DATA. And he doesn’t know it because he isn’t measuring the right data.

If all he cares about is the time to process a case, no associate will do any work. People do exactly what they are rewarded to do, most of the time.

Bezos would also have to measure how many cases actually get solved to the seller’s satisfaction, how many cases were resolved using the correct Amazon policies, and how many messages it took per case. Resolution in one message also does MORE than save him manhours.


Totally agree!


Pay people peanuts…your gonna get a monkey response.


Gold?? Rumor was it was made out of platinum and had a Unobtanium seat cover.


What IS a “routine call” that seller support handles well? In hundreds of cases over the years, I can’t identify a single topic they handle well and consistently.

By your definition, my every case would go to Captive Team. Do you know what the Captive Team (is that really their name) believes is worth their time?

Any advice here would really help :slight_smile:


Usually after a few nopes I just tell them to mark the ticket as resolved. Wait a day and re-open. I wanted to fix a bad image on product - watered marked, added texted, using Amazons “smile” logo and the first rep gave me a wall text response on why it could not been done unless I submitted a whole bunch of stuff… Escalated, and got someone claiming to C&F saying ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Refiled case a day later and got “Yes the image obviously violates policy, we removed it and replace it with your contribution”.

Getting ANYTHING done on Amazon is generally a matter of just asking and re-asking until it gets done. Even when dealing with PDP that have been ruined by The ARTs (Amazon Retail Team) a dept that seems have priority over C&F and often ruins PDP pages to help shady sellers.


Why waste your time calling? The call center reps are tasked with just blowing you off. With Amazon EVERYTHING should be in writing. When SS tries to call me to discuss a case I categorically refuse because

  1. I have no proof they actually work for Amazon, and the always want personal info (email address, and last four of bank acct… NO WAY.
  2. They talking REEEEAAAALLLYY slow with all the fake concern and trying to be friendly it takes them 3 minutes to tell you to go pound sand on your request.
  3. I want everything documented - I find when I fix a PDP, it often gets hacked again by some seller from you know where, and I can reference the last 8 times I had the ASIN fixed in the new case.
  4. If a rep is REALLY stupid or lazy, I forward the case logs to jeff@amazon.com


We’ve been told by more than one C&F Specialist and several members of the Vendor Program that, barring certain specific circumstances where a Fulfillment Center Team holds trump, ARTs is at the top of Amazon’s Detail Page Ownership hierarchy.

I know you have valid reasons to consider that ARTs might be helping the scammers you’ve learned to fight so well, but I really think Hanlon’s Razor is what operates in that regard…


I wish I could post a link, but the mods and the PC police would have a flaming cow sideways… but google
Tech Support : Foamy The Squirrel
and watch the Youtube video. Although it is making fun of Dell Tech Support, it so could be Amazon.


I’ve seen a lot of cases in my niche where PDP that has existed for years as a One Piece page will suddenly be changed be the ART to have 100 Pack overlay on main product photo after a West Pac seller moves on the listing. (yes I am sure it ART because it is a true overlay image, not the seller editing the image to add 100 Pack and the “Smile”).

Then it takes a bit of round around with C&F and pointing out that IPQ=1 Number of Items = 1 and Title quantity equals 1 to get the paged fixed.

That issue has also been mentioned by others in forum from time to time.


Yepper - I’ve seen that mentioned by others more than once (not just by you, Articuno, or the other experienced scam-fighters).


If you read my earlier posts, you would know that I NEVER call seller support. I also routinely report them under “report a violation” when they fail to apply Amazon policies correctly or churn my cases.

I referred to “routine call” with the quotes as it is a direct quote of the person I responded to. Did you read the post I was responding to?


You are not measuring the right data… Its not half price it can be as low as 2.5% of what it costs to hire a min wage work from home CSR. CSRs in Northern African, such as Tunsia get around 50 cents an hour.

And not getting the job done can also save money if the seller gets discouraged and gives up on opening tickets.

My employer gave up on getting negative feedback refused after ONE try because they where so discouraged by the time they wasted on the phone…

Until the hired me and I got 90% of the negs deleted in one week by wearing down SS in emails that took me a minute to write. It never dawn on them to just keep asking.


It’s easy to get negatives removed. He still isn’t measuring the right data.


Its easy for you or I, but most sellers don’t use the forums and have no idea how Amazon really works. When I started there my co-workers where still wasting as much as HOUR trying to resolve issues on the phone with Amazon until I explained to them how seller support really works.
Those of us who use the forums are probably 0.001% of Amazon sellers. Most sellers don’t even know the forums exist.


I have contacted a CAPTIVE team on Amazon to get any help from them. They promptly responded, opened a new case. However, the dedicated team working on fixing my account’s issue is silent. No response yet!!! The issue is that I had almost all ASINs eligible for buy box. Win or not buy box is another story. Few days ago, all ASINs I have in my inventory went to “NO” in eligibility for buy box. It cannot happen technically. No one wants to help me.


I am a new seller, who has been unable to do my listing and has been waiting for 48 hours, meanwhile my product sits! Any other suggestions?


SO IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HELP NOW? I need to know why I can’t talk to a human. How about lowering you outrageous fees since you have lowered your seller support to NOTHING??? I need some help and it is impossible to get anything.


Bunnie Goods,

May I suggest you open your own thread wherein you give a detailed description of the issue you are having so we can try to help you.

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