What happens when an account holder dies?


A friend of mine who was also an Amazon seller died recently. His family asked me to look into how to manage his seller account. Is there a protocol for what happens in this case? He has a few thousand items in FBA warehouses, what happens to them?

Thanks for any help.


Everything would then belong to their heirs.
I would suggest that these people get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.
It may be a good idea to contact Amazon right away if there is no-one handling the account.

Also if there is not someone handling the account there should be someone getting on it right away or they will be subject to permanent suspension from Amazon


First thing is to vacation the account. If they don’t have access, they need to contact amazon ASAP. (Oops, I see this is about FBA. Not sure vacation makes a difference there.)


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The executor or personal representative of his estate, once officially recognized or appointed, will need to contact Amazon to gain access to the account legally.

Whenever someone dies, a representative handles their property, even if it’s only the next of kin. Usually this means a trip to the county courthouse with papers in hand (will, death certificate, etc.). Of course, his family may already have access to his account with user name and password, but it needs to be made official.


Now why would someone give me a No vote on that? SMH


While you’re getting this resolved permanently, assuming you already have access to his account, make sure you don’t log into it from the same computer (or even the same IP address) you use for your seller account or one or both accounts could get suspended.


Greetings Reining Books,

Please accept our condolences for your loss.

When the owner of an Amazon.com selling account passes away, Seller Support can only communicate with a relative, spouse, or estate executor.

Please direct the seller’s relative/spouse/or estate executor to contact us via the following link: [Contact Us|https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/contact.html?language=en_US]



Sorry for your loss.

It is a legal issue. Make sure a lawyer is aware and the current NIK or executor is the one to contact Amazon Seller Support. The account will need to be transferred to a new name and then closed or the new person can take legal responsibility for the account. All items at FBA would be returned if closed within 30 days. I also had a friend who passed away a few years ago with the same situation. Amazon makes it pretty simple which is nice considering the stressful situation already with a death.

Good Luck


I believe the owner of the account and their relatives are busy right now and Amazon can wait. What if you sign up to sell on Amazon all life changing priorities are the owners of the account fault including untimely death? That is so wrong. Amazon needs to be more understanding on untimely deaths. I hope the person writing this post has a password to his account so he can put him on a permanent vacation and let his family morn.


Nobody said that. They want to know how to retrieve the items from FBA and Lauren told them what to to. Nobody said it was Amazons responsibility because of death. That is one of the many reasons I don’t do FBA. If I die all my husband has to do is close the account after he makes sure everything is shipped or refunded.

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Yes. This is business. Death is no excuse.

While I sympathize with the OP’s loss, I do not pretend that Amazon has agreed to take responsibility for dealing with the consequences.


OP never said his friends death was untimely.

Also, OP didn’t come here looking for advice on handeling an estate.
The question was about what the family needs to do to handle the Amazon account and the inventory in FBA.


The OP wanted to know what happens to the items in FBA, not how to retrieve them.

I’ve had “The Talk” with my husband and told him that while he could contact Seller Support and have the account closed, why do it? Everything’s at FBA, so money will just keep getting deposited to my account (which he has access to) for years to come.

I told him to just transfer the Amazon account ownership to him so he gets the emails. That’s all.

This is one of the BENEFITS of FBA.

But hey, if FBA is Big OOGA BOOGA to you, don’t let me dissuade you. There’s more than enough crud in the warehouses already.


Then I wouldn’t go into ANY type of business, if fear of dying is holding you back that much.

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