What happened to the Forums widget on the Dashboard


Don’t know where this question should go but when I go on amazon (since they re-arranged everything a couple weeks ago or so) there was a widget in the lower left with the Forums. Suddenly, late this afternoon, it has vanished! Now I have to go searching for the Forums if I want to post a question and I can find NO links from my amazon seller account page.


I do not know where the widget went either.
Maybe they can’t police the Forums as well so disappeared the widget?
Now I find the Forum is under Help, with a post on the Forums.
No announcement on the News Widget, does not make sense.


Ok, at least I know where to find it if/when I need to.


was wondering same thing.


Check the Forum, Amazon made an announcement, The Forum page has moved. You go to the help and at the very bottom, you launch forum.

Announcement - forum link moved

Good luck


Hello all Sellers,

I realize that removal of the forums widget from the homepage took you by surprise and I want to share something with you.

You can bookmark the link below in your favorite browser, and go direct to our forums, bypassing Seller Central altogether.


Once there, you can switch marketplaces between US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil through the marketplace switcher at the top of the page.



so it is perma-gone susan? another bookmark to save…


But the daily cry of the Amazon seller… WHY !!!


My thoughts exactly


Seller Central six months from now:


I want to share something with you.
You can bookmark the link below in your favorite browser, and go direct to our forums, bypassing Seller Central altogether.

Come on Susan, we’re not stupid (most of us). Everybody knows how to add a bookmark to their browser. But do you realize (hopefully, since you’re not stupid either) that everbody already has tens, if not hundreds, of sites bookmarked and only a few can be on the top level where you can go there instantly. The others require navigating, scrolling down a list, or drilling down through multiple levels of folders and you have to open a new browser window or tab to bring up a bookmarked page in the first place.

Maybe it would help if you understood how your sellers actually USE your system.

I for one, have sellercentral up on my desktop computer at all times. I get to the forums by right-clicking the (now non-existent) link and opening the forums in a new tab. Takes half a second, just one click.

When I access sellercentral on my phone, I do so through a browser, not the app. To get to the forums, I click the (now non-existent) link which automatically opens the forums for me in a new tab.

In both cases, it’s one single click, which takes about one-half of a second.

So why the (bleepity bleeping bleep :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) does Amazon want to make the process so much more complicated???

Do you have any idea what a (bleepity bleeping bleep :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) PITA it is to open help and navigate through that nonsense just to come to the forums???

It’s incredibly poor judgment on Amazon’s part to take what used to be a simple, straightforward, and dare I say convenient task and muck it up beyond all belief.

It’s utter nonsense. Please put the link back where it belongs.


So why was this move not considered news? I have this big fat box that says news and this move/change was not there, I do wonder why?
It used to be convenient on SC Homepage and now less, again why?
The team making these changes should have to use these changes daily for a month before implementation.


As usual, if it ain’t broke, Amazon will break it.



Here are the other 9 hearts I owe you for that 10-star response!


Why remove the widget in the first place? I like to see what are the hot forum toipics more than Amazons headline news taking up 3 inches of space – There is so much wasted space not being used now and a dashboard is supposed to be “at a glance” does anyone at Amazon ask sellers what they need? Do they care? How about Amazon speak with sellers or conduct some market research on website usability research among sellers!!

  • missing are messages whether 0 or 1 or more
  • missing is notification of A to Z claims that need to be addressed
  • missing is chargebacks that need to be addresses
  • Missing is seller forums, hot forum topics and find the forums more useful that Amazon answers and also we will help out or answer a seller’s question if we can – cant do any of these now without navigating elsewhere daily to see if there are messages (or a glitch with messages) A to Z/chargeback claims, etc – the new changes is creating more work – not making life better or easier. SEAmod or Susan – please be our voice here – no one likes it and is significantly less useful

To raise the posint, we just found out now that we had an A to Z claim that did not show up on the dashboard (as we did not see it where it should be and used to be) and they money was awarded to an unethical so called “buyer” or customer because of non-response (to a claim we were not alerted to on the dashboard – we just found out and noticed an email that decision was made in favor of the buyer (because of non-response) while looking for an invoice for one of our purchase.

PLEASE have someone fix this/add these key metrics back – and agree fire the person who made the changes or suggested it within Amazon (they are obviously not a seller).


It’s nice that one can bookmark the forums. But how will you tell sellers that don’t know they exist? There is no way of knowing that the forums exist now unless you do a search in the help section and come up with an answer that takes you to the forums. And at that, if people don’t know they exist, they may believe it is something other than a seller forum.

We’re seeing less usability of Seller Central. There are no more notices of customer messages. There are no notices of A-z claims. There are no notices of chargebacks.

As the Seller Central widgets get depopulated, I assume we will eventually see the Your Orders widget gone. When this happens, we will not see a notice of return requests.

Amazon over the years has told us to look at Seller Central for account notifications because, as everyone knows, emails are not reliable. On occasion, I notice emails from Amazon don’t always get sent to me whether an order or a buyer message. If we have to rely on Amazon emails to tell us when we get customer inquiries or claims, we cannot operate our accounts efficiently.

Yes, we experienced people know to put our mouse over the Performance pull down menu every day and click on Feedback, A-z Claims, and Chargebacks to see if there are any issues. But someone who is new or a little inexperienced will not know this and will get a hit on their account even on trivial things they could have resolved if they were given notice. Or worse: Many assume these critical notices will show up as a popup notice at the top where that News widget is.

I no longer know how to get to my messages on Seller Central. The only way I know how to do it is click on a Return Requests, click on Communication History within a return, and choose All Messages in the pull down menu. As a new seller, I wouldn’t even know that there is a Buyer-Seller Messages section of my seller account just like many customers don’t know there is a Seller-Buyer Messages section on their buyer account.

Sellers cannot operate on Amazon without information. I assume there is a bigger picture on what is being done. In the meantime, sellers cannot operate their accounts without critical information being available.


Please, add a message widget! I don’t know how to find the messaging. I know once a notice did pop up that there was a message that was like 3 days old!!! I answered it then but It had not popped up the day before and I don’t know how to get to any messages now either.


oh and thank you for getting the Forums Widget back onto the dashboard.

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