What happened, now it’s restricted?


Today as I’m going through inventory and addressing pricing issues I rescanned the valentine candy shipment I sent to amazon. When I listed the different candy types they were all ungated. Now I scan and all of the candy products are restricted!

Does amazon know it wasn’t restricted when I listed by the date listed?
Please help, I’m terrified to be suspended. What do I do?

Thank you for any help.


Restricted or gated items change all the time. You may be grandfathered in or you may end up with stranded inventory.


Grocery has somewhat recently become gated (or returned to being gated – I think it used to be).


Thank you Jws and bookworm.

Now the candy products are starting to get stranded. I apply but have no documentation so Im still gated.
Should I take the stranded candy off my listings? Close it out?
Looks like im going to lose almost 160$

Thanks for your help. These boards and you guys are a great help. Thank you.


Yes, you need to pull all of it. Food products, in my view, should always have been gated. Since you have no documentation…who know what you are selling.


Most of the subcategories of groceries were gated after the dumpster food was exposed in the Wall Street Journal.