What does the status "reserved" mean? (Manage FBA Inventory)


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we have recently received 500 units of our product to the Amazon store-house in Dallas. Amazon shows that only 40 units are available and 460 are still “reserved”. Please advise what does the status “reserved” mean?

And when all 500 units will be available and ready for sale?

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Items are in reserved for any of the following 3 reasons:

    1. Moving of Inventory: If you have multiple units, Amazon may be moving the inventory between warehouse locations. This can occur long after inventory is received if Amazon deems the distribution of the remaining units is not sufficient to ship products cost effectively. In these situations, units can be unavailable for up to 5 days while being moved and re-staged at a new warehouse facility. If you shipped a lot of units, obviously you did not ship them to 88 distribution centers. Amazon will do this so they can keep their shipping costs down and offer overnight shipping because product will be at a closer warehouse location to the buyer. This is 100% normal.
    1. Pending Sales: Check your pending orders. Orders that have sold but are waiting to be shipped will have those inventory units placed into ‘Reserve’ status.
    1. Product validation: Although more rare than the other reasons, Amazon may spot check inventory to verify authenticity, dimensions and weight. Usually this results in only 1 or 2 units to be placed into ‘Reserve’ status until the verification process is completed – this usually takes 2 business days unless a potential issue is detected and further investigation is needed.


Reserved usually means they are transferring some of your items to other fulfillment centers. It usually takes anywhere from 2 - 7 days for them to become available. If your 40 that are available sell before the others are available, Amazon will continue to sell your item as back orders.


many thanks


many thanks


“units can be unavailable for up to 5 days while being moved and re-staged at a new warehouse facility”.

FYI, my items have been in reserved back order status for over 10 days now.
Response from customer service phone call is claiming from 1 to 2 weeks. Not up to 5 days.

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