What does the Buy Box Win % even mean?


At the moment all my active products are listings I created and no one else has jumped on them. Some of my products I have listed both FBA and FBM. What does it mean when I’m not getting 100% of the buy boxes on my listings? Or What does it mean when I am??? I’m confused. My FBA and FBM products are usually priced pretty close to the same and since they are not both getting the buy box at the same time, how can I possibly have 100% buy box wins? (which at the moment I do?)
Or A month ago I only had 94% buy box wins but again, it has been a few months since I was selling anything that had anyone else on the listings.
Does that info even mean anything?


Hum, like I thought, apparently no one knows and maybe it doesn’t mean much of anything.


It is the percentage of page views on which the buyer was shown your offer in the Buy Box.

If for any reason the Buy Box is not displayed, it reduces your percentage.


Thank You Lake,
That explanation makes sense to me. Now to figure out why amazon is suppressing the buy box.


It could be as simple and benign as Buyer is in another country that you do not ship to.

IMO this is not a productive use of your time.


I lose the buy box all the time and have my own brand and distribution. I get most of my sales from eBay anyway, so I rarely pay attention to anything here.


Yea, not productive, was just one of those questions (like what does that switch that doesn’t do anything supposed to connect to, sort of questions.)