What does SKU mean


I learn that SKU = stock keeping units but what does it mean by amazon.

I am selling ski goggle, i will have 50 cases of ski goggle within one box, so how does SKU apply in my case.

can someone explain to me like I am 3rd grade, Thank you

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SKU is a standard inventory management acronym.
It means the same thing to Amazon as to everyone

You define your SKUs to Amazon, and then they report
back on items with that SKU that were sold. You should
then reduce you available inventory of that SKU by the
same number, and restock, if necessary.

Furthermore, an SKU is tied to a sales channel. You could
have the same physical finished good sold FBM with one SKU,
and another SKU could be used to sell it FBA.


If all the ski goggles in the box are completely identical, then they should only have one SKU. However if some are pink and some are red, then you should use a different SKU for each color or variation. That way you know which color sells best.

You can make up your SKU however you like or let Amazon assign one, but if Amazon assigns it, it will mean nothing to you. If you make up your SKU you can add in different info to the number to indicate cost, when listed, where stored, initial price, maybe even ranking at Amazon and how many other sellers are on the listing. I even have part of the code indicate if I made the actual product page. In other words, set up your SKUs so they help you with important information and with restocking.

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